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Iím clueless & not sure if Iím doing this right

08 November 2018 - 08:15 AM

Im a super noob when it comes to growing anything. Ive done tons of research and I still feel like I have no idea what Im doing. I have an indoor greenhouse and I started these guys from seeds. I think Ive done pretty well so far, but I really cant be too certain cause ya know, Im a complete novice. My one thats flowering looks a little droopy to me and all the little buds that are starting to happen droop in the same way. Ive been told maybe theyre getting too much water but whenever I check the soil is almost always damp. Ive barely watered them now that theyre bigger because of it. My greenhouse tends to hold in a lot of moisture so I try to open the door up during the day while my grow light is on. I dont like doing it at night since I live in the northwest and it gets down to the 40s in my place. Im not really too sure what Im doing or what I should be doing differently so any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated

Hello from Washington State

04 November 2018 - 03:00 AM

Hello!!! Im very new to growing anything really. I started really late in the season. September. My friend gave me seeds from his dried out dragon cayenne pod, and theyre actually growing. Im super surprised because most plants die with me. I have an indoor greenhouse with grow lights. A couple of them are starting flower but the leaves are pretty droopy....Ive been trying to research as much as I can since I dont really know what Im doing. Havent tried pruning or anything. I also have one tiny plant that may be a Serrano but Im not too sure. We just threw a bunch of different seeds in a pot & shes the only one that took. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciate. Anyway. Thats its to my super long intro. Thanks