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In Topic: Small harvest

14 August 2019 - 10:15 AM

I already bought some Bahamian Goat seeds to start this winter.  Hope I got the real deal!

I have 2 Aji Dulce 2 plants and my understanding was that they aren't hot!  Well, they are hot.  They have that chinense smell and taste along with habanero level heat.  They could be red habs I guess?

In Topic: Straight up Sugar Rush Peach sauce?

14 August 2019 - 10:09 AM

I'll probably do something similar, but I'm going to grill the mango slices first along with some sweet onion maybe, not sure which vinegar I'll use but I'll probably start in little batches with some apple cider vinegar
I might even grill the srp's a little and see what that does. I've got a mini food processor so I can do little batches and make adjustments along the way and if it's a total loss it's not my whole batch.
Keep us posted on how yours settles in, good luck

With that being said my yellow scorpions are well on their way. I've never had one but people say it's very hot. I think a Serrano is hot but I'm working my tolerance up.lol


People are right!  I have Moruga yellow scorpions as well as the Cardi yellows.  The Cardi's aren't ripe but I've had plenty of the MYS ripen.  They are hot!  I recently dehydrated some and spun them up in a coffee grinder thing to make a powder.  It made a wonderful addition to the kitchen table to add to whatever.  Really kicks thing up several notches.  Just gotta be careful on scrambled eggs!  Hard to tell how much is going on them.  ;)  ;)  ;)

In Topic: Overwhelmed.. sauce help.

11 August 2019 - 01:56 PM

Hello.  I see you have Datil's on your list!  My wife and I love Datil's.  

We found the following recipe photo on the web of this "relish" recipe and have made it several times now.  Ours came out like a sauce.  More on the thin side.  We reduced all of the ingredients to make the amount we wanted.  You could add more sugar/honey or whatever you like for the desired sweetness.  

It is a very basic recipe but it is also supposed to be authentic St. Augustine.  I couldn't vouch for that as I am from VA but have read that ketchup is a popular ingredient.  Maybe someone actually from St. Augustine will chime in and give us the "facts"!  Recipes too.  We won't spread them around! :liar:

We have also substituted Scotch Bonnets and it still made a good sauce.  Like I said, it's pretty basic.

Anyway here goes:


Attached File  Datil Pepper Relish 2.jpg   30.84KB   4 downloads


If you have an exhaust fan for your oven, use it.  Open windows if not.  It didn't bother me so much but our dog didn't seem to like the vapors very much. 

In Topic: Seed Identification?

11 August 2019 - 08:23 AM

Can you ask the local vendor?


In Topic: Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

11 August 2019 - 08:16 AM

Finally got to harvest one of these.  It's a Jay's Chocolate Ghost Scorpion X.  Not the gnarliest but it's in there.


Attached File  IMG_0885.jpg   60.68KB   6 downloads


And more on the way:


Attached File  IMG_0886.jpg   54.48KB   6 downloads


I don't have a clue what I'm gonna do with them!