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Fruitful Day

08 August 2019 - 04:24 PM

Check out this MOA I picked today!  Has that CARDI Scorpion look, stinger and all.

Attached File  MOA Stinger.jpg   74.23KB   11 downloads


Also picked 5 more yellow morgue scorpions.  This plant has been very prolific.Attached File  5 YMS.jpg   73.58KB   11 downloads


Here is my first Aji Dulce 2 and my first Foodarama of the year.  I don't know why some are so late:


Attached File  Aji Dulce:Foodarama.jpg   65.3KB   11 downloads


And finally got a Aji Mango!





How to keep powder from clumping?

31 July 2019 - 02:45 PM

Just dehydrated and ground up some yellow Moruga Scorpion's for powder and am looking for ways to keep it from clumping up in the shaker.  

I tried using the search function with no results but then again I don't have much luck with that.


Anyway, we made some ground Thai powder and used rice in the shaker but it still clumps up.  


Any ideas?

Juanito's Peppers

27 July 2019 - 01:23 PM

As some of you know, Juanito's had a 2019 pepper giveaway      first peppers of 2019 giveaway    and I won!  ​I posted a little reply in that forum but it hasn't gotten many views and I felt like Juanito's needed more credit so I'll post here also.  


Here is a pic of what I won that arrived in a USPS small box.  Lot's of fresh peppers packed inside!


Attached File  IMG_0875.jpg   93.25KB   14 downloads




Top left are 2 Yellow brainstrain's.  Next is a lone Red Baquinho followed by 8 Yellow Baquinho's. 

Second row are 2 red Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpions that didn't turn out the right color.  (correct me if I'm wrong Juanito)  Next are 4 Chocolate Ghost's.

Third row has 5 Brazilian Starfish and bottom row has 5 Chocolate Brainstrain's.  

There are 2 Atomic fireballs and a root beer candy as a bonus.


Like I said, lot's of peppers in a small package.


All of the pods are super looking and fresh.  I mean, these things look better than what I have growing right outside!  No joke.  


Anyway, my wife and I started with the Yellow Baquinho's first and found them fruity tasting with just a tease of spiciness.  Almost like there was gonna be a little heat but it never showed up!

Next we ate 2 of the Brazilian Starfish.  These are a great snacking pepper with just the right amount of sweetness and heat.  Neither of us had tried either before this and we fell in love with them.  


Now to the superhot's.  I didn't know what I wanted to do with them so I figured I would freeze them until I decide.  I've never had any of these before.  I hate seeds in my sauces so I ended up de-seeding them and freezing the rest but not before trying a slice of each. 


Not an in depth review of the peppers but here is my newbie take:

*First up I tried the Yellow Brainstrain-nice taste and almost immediate heat-alot!


*The red JPGS was next.  I liked the taste but didn't find any heat right away so I had another slice.  Mistake!  The first slice kicked in and it was on!  My wife kept asking me if I was ok. I guess I looked like I was about to keel over.  Luckily the agony didn't last very long so....


*Chocolate Ghost was next.  I didn't think it was near as hot as the rJPGS but not a bad pepper.


*THE Chocolate Brainstrain just about did in this newbie to superhots.  Like the red JPGS I didn't get immediate heat and evidently being a slow learner I had a second bite.  The heat came on slowly but surely and it kept on coming.  My whole mouth, lips and even my eyes were stinging!  I assume it was where my breath was emitting superheated air it was rising to my eyes! :P The heat stuck with me for a long time.  At least 10 minutes and my lips were still burning several hours later.  It did have a good taste before the blast furnace kicked on so even after all the misery, I'll probably try growing one or two next year.  Yeah I know, an addict right!


Well I gotta say Juanito's has some really good pod's and I'll probably be ordering from him soon. 


Thanks, Juanito's. 


Edited to add pic.





What I learned about scorpions

20 July 2019 - 04:18 PM

I had a yellow morgua scorpion finally ripen up.  Since graduating from eating Datil's and Bonnets I figured I gotta give this one a try.  I mean it was so pretty and all.


Well, I learned I could never make a "tasteful" video of trying hot peppers like some of the pro's do.  I mean I literally had snot running from my nose that wouldn't stop and I was beginning to wonder if my taste buds would ever function properly any more.  Wow!  Quite a jump from Datil's and Bonnets to this one.  And to think, I have a Jay's Chocolate Ghost Scorpion X with fruit on it and a Ghost Pepper to try eventually. :onfire:  

Sudden Yellow Veins

16 July 2019 - 11:37 AM

Hello all.  I all of a sudden have an issue that I need to address.  (At least I think I do)

All of a sudden I have this Foodarama Bonnet that has developed yellowing of the leaf veins.  The veins more so than the leaf areas.  I tried searching and all I found was green veins/yellow leaves.

It has been in the 90's here with a few thunderstorms but I don't think they are overwatered.  Especially being in fabric containers.

No fertilizer in about 3 weeks but when I did I gave the the Alaska Fish stuff 5-1-1 at the recommended rate.

Here are a few pics.

Attached File  IMG_0860.jpg   74.04KB   13 downloads

Attached File  IMG_0862.jpg   66.87KB   13 downloads

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