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[Feb 20] What are you working on this week? Group activity log

20 February 2017 - 12:00 PM

A weekly series of posts to see what everyone is up to in the hot world. Many times posts get lost in loooonnnnng self-started flogs glogs etc., but this will be a little different, and I'll start one each week. This way we can see what everyone is up to in the hot world, beer world, etc.

VOTE! 24 HR TIEBREAKER! Super Bowl Throwdown

12 February 2017 - 08:02 PM


Dear support

12 February 2017 - 05:16 PM

My account keeps double posting it is really annoying. Please do something about it.

VOTE! Super Bowl Throwdown

09 February 2017 - 04:00 PM

Vote for your favorite entry that best represents the area of the team presented!


Poll ends Sunday at 8pm ET.


BEGIN! Super Bowl Throwdown

03 February 2017 - 02:00 PM

The NFL (Non-Mild Food League.. that's the best I got lol) presents...
Super Bowl 51 Throwdown
This TD is by reservation ONLY and you must pick an available team from this list and represent that area's food (city, state, or region respectively). If you have not registered, you may still do so during the TD and enter.
You do not have to cook on Super Bowl day, you can enter any "casual grub" that you would serve while entertaining that represents the city, state, or region you chose. This is all about our nation's food and not the game itself, and anyone from any country can enter.
The registration form may give a better idea as to the challenge:


The February TD will be by registration only via this form (poll) but it will remain open during the TD, so you can still enter on the fly (and there will be selections left as there are 32!)
What am I talking about?
The next TD is Super Bowl weekend! So instead of everyone cooking random food the day of the SB, we're going to celebrate this country's great food! (Anyone from any country can enter!)
The NFL has 32 teams. You pick the team's hometown food you want to cook by selecting a team in the poll. This is your registration in the TD, first come first serve, one team per person.
Do your best to represent the actual area in the team name, whether it's a city, state, or region (New England, Carolinas). The idea being iconic "casual grub" known to be served in that area.
TDs last 4 days so you don't have to cook the day of the game, but this should be "casual grub" that can be enjoyed during a game or get together. The Super Bowl is often pizza and wings (still good choices but...) this lets you expand your horizons on game day, or, stick to your finger foods on game day, and cook for the TD one of the other days! (Or prep, hint hint, smoking, etc.)
Philly's famous sandwich? BBQ or Cajun? Lobsta? Cheese?!! Don't forget the birthplace of wings has a team! So many choices represent iconic food! You can even riff on a famous restaurant, like how Pittsburgh is known for fries on top of a sandwich thanks to one restaurant. Cincinnati and Detroit have similar stories. You don't have to pick your favorite team or your own hometown, simply pick what you want to cook, by choosing the poll option above!
If your #1 choice is taken, please don't be afraid to research an area's food and enter, ALL of these are great food areas!

NEW: PM me the link to the final entry. You can get the link URL by clicking the post number.
10 pics max per final post
PoL: .51 (international can round)
Ends Monday 11:59 PM ET
Must include a hot pepper ingredient.

Post as much as you wish in this topic; teasers, etc. but:
To enter the TD, please reply to the TD topic with:
a) A name for your creation.

b) The team you chose and how that food represents that area.
c) A list of all ingredients used.
d) Recipes that include preparation steps, cooking methods, times and temperatures, etc.
Remember, of course, your entry must include a hot pepper ingredient.
In order to prove that you made this meal for this TD we ask that you post a Proof of Life. PoL = a monetary amount stated at the beginning of the competition that must be shown in one of your pictures with coins or bills, in your country's tender. It must be a picture that shows the majority of  ingredients used, so, it may be your teaser, or one of your final pics, but change by itself or with just one ingredient does not count.
Reminder: Send me the link to the final post or it will not be included in the poll. Thanks!