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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!

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BBQ Weekend Deals from THPA Winners!

Yesterday, 10:59 AM

BBQ season is upon us, here are a few offers from 10th Annual THPA winners.
Pepper North
Overall hot sauce winner, best product line winner, and 14 awards total!
50% off our Fiery 3 Pack. and flat rate shipping to the US ($18.00 CAD) & Canada ($10.00 CAD) (Open to US & Canadian residents only) at website - ends 6/3

code: thpmay2017
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Freddy Ray's
2nd and 3rd in BBQ Sauce with Creeper!

20% off entire line at website - ends 6/6
code: valor
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Miners Mix
2nd and 3rd place in Rub!
15% off entire line at Amazon, Prime members get free shipping - ends 6/10
code: GoodStuf
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Bolder Beans
1st in Bloody Mary and for their pickled beans, and 2nd for pickled garlic!
15% off entire line at website - ends 6/2
code: THPA
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Wild Bill's Wing Sauce
2nd place Wing Sauce!
40% off entire line at website - ends 6/4
code: memorial
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Sauce, rub, mustard, bloody marys, and wings! What more do you need? ;)

Extreme Biz Profiles: JoynersHotPeppers

26 May 2017 - 01:12 PM

Vol. 3: JoynersHotPeppers
Extreme Biz Profiles is a series where you can learn more about Biz members' ventures while at the same time receiving a special offer! It then opens up to any questions you may have about their products, company history, industry hurdles, etc.
What made you want to get into the pepper powder business?
Many years ago when I lived in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the only option anywhere was to get those wonderful brown pepper flakes everyone used on pizza. A co-worker who was a chef started making commercial hot sauce and at that time I grew Thai, Jalapeno, and Habanero peppers. His sauces were primarily Habanero based and I wanted a way to have dried options throughout the winter. After a few trial runs with Thai peppers, I arrived at what I at the time thought was good pepper powder, no longer the case 😊.

What powder is your personal favorite?
The most used powder for personal consumption would be our Thai Blend. On average, we may ingest an ounce a month through cooking or post meal dustings.
You do offer blends, but not with any seasonings, only other peppers. Have you considered offering a table seasoning or rub? And how do you come up with your blends?
I have often entertained creating rubs for BBQ. At this time I am only formulating recipes and have not committed to anything beyond pure pepper powders.
Our blends are often trial and error. We taste all our peppers fresh then again once dried. Some of the blends aim to give an entire mouth burn based on the varieties included while others provide a depth of flavor upfront that turns to something else on the finish.
How do you make yourself stand out from other powders in the market? Some may think, "Oh, this is just a pepper powder, so I can buy it anywhere." What makes yours different?
I have many years’ experience in almost perfecting the process. It takes time to make a quality powder and simply drying without thought will not accomplish the desired results. I have a several step process prior to the final product becoming ready. Storage is also a critical element since powders are subject to moisture issues.

Anything new this year, or on the horizon?
2017 will bring a few more wood smoked powders. A few test runs in 2016 provided good results and feedback.

¡FIERY! QUESTION: With your love of jerk and Walkerswood  :P have you thought about a jerk seasoning or Caribbean blend?

We have a pure powder blend using chocolate peppers of the Caribbean. As for a jerk seasoning, I am not personally a fan of dry jerk powders and prefer the wet pastes. This year we plan to make our own jerk paste for personal consumption of course and perhaps a few to share if it works out.


USA only
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[May 22] What are you working on this week?

22 May 2017 - 11:23 AM

...hot heads?

[May 15] What are you working on this week?

15 May 2017 - 12:34 PM

as it gets :hot: ter!

VOTE! Stop SmokenFire!

11 May 2017 - 03:24 PM

In order to Stop SmokenFire from receiving his 10th crown, you had to prepare his signature dish which was 2 tacos with any rice and any beans, one of those tacos being a ground or minced protein.


It would not be fair if you did not adhere to those requirements, and 2 entries did not qualify as one (admittedly) forget the ground/minced protein and the other did not plate beans. I usually "let the voters decide" because I hate disqualifying but to list them would not be fair to SmokenFire, as, if you won, it would be by your own rules and not by his signature requirements, and that would not be a fair dethrowning.


So I present to you the qualifiers that are poised to stop SmokenFire's 10th Crown!!!!!! Vote for your favorite 2 tacos, rice, and beans. Go!


Poll ends Sunday at 8 PM ET.