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sauces for Mardi Gras? what to serve?

10 January 2017 - 12:44 AM

Hey, y'all,


our local Grange Hall is putting on a Mardi Gras fund raiser dinner serving... ( and I'm quoting here...'jambalaya, gumbo, eh to fet ...[or however that is spelled!!!]'  :lol: )....  and they reached out to me for some hot sauces.


Just on the fly here, I already have a basic cayenne/vinegar sauce and a fermented habanero/stuff sauce we are making at the upcoming Making Hot Sauce Class and I planned to set aside some bottles for the Mardi Gras event. 


But I really don't know what sauces are served at Mardi Gras celebrations, so I'm asking Those Who Know...



What should be out on the condiments table at a Mardi Gras dinner event? 





PS- don't diss the person I "quoted" above.  They are a helper on the event.  I just thought y'all would get a kick out of the phonetics spelling. 


TIA for your suggestions!!! 

Free Pure Evil! CLOSED!

01 January 2017 - 05:20 PM



We sold over 1000 bottles and a single sale of 1 gallon of Pure Evil in 2016!!!!  :WOOT: 


To celebrate, I'm giving away 6 bottles of a 12mil SHU test batch (1/4 oz)  and a single 1/2oz bottle of 8mil concentrate. 


No decorative tins, just the dropper vial in the plastic pill bottle.  And the instruction sheet that says to "keep away from children and idiots:lol:


Offer is open to THP NOOBIES with 100 posts or less as of TODAY January 1, 2017!  Post HERE in this thread to claim your bottle (first person to post can claim the 8mil bottle or one of the 12mil bottles, and then it goes by post priority from there), and then send me a PM with your mailing address. 


Attached File  IMG_5715.JPG   80.59KB   10 downloads

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Happy New Years, Everyone!!! 

BlendTec -v- Ninja blenders/food processor

29 December 2016 - 09:50 PM

I've been wanting to do this side-by-side comparison  for a while.  A recent test batch of a sauce I'm working on for the next Making Hot Sauce class was the perfect opportunity.



BlendTec -vs- Ninja



I've had a BlendTec blender for a while.  I purchased it used on eBay for about $300.  It was refurbished, the carafe had a dinged up hard plastic lid that leaked when product splashed up against it.  It was used for about 3 years, then the gasket on the gear spindle on the bottom got really stiff and wouldn't turn easily.  I don't know if it was the rubber of the gasket, or what...whatever...I bought a new replacement carafe with a soft rubber lid and removable center cap.


Recently, I wanted to have a blender in the house for smoothies and such, so, the Ninja got the nod.  Here's pics of the carafes, insides of the Ninja food processor, the Ninja blender and the BlendTec-


Attached File  IMG_5704.JPG   115.78KB   5 downloads

Attached File  IMG_5709.JPG   120.19KB   3 downloads

Attached File  IMG_5708.JPG   82.32KB   3 downloads

Attached File  IMG_5706.JPG   65.86KB   3 downloads


The BlendTec top with removable center for adding things, and the Ninja Lockdown top, small corner flip lid designed for pouring out smoothies, not adding ingredients....

Attached File  IMG_5705.JPG   69.67KB   3 downloads

Attached File  IMG_5707.JPG   70.04KB   3 downloads




One of the reasons I purchased the Ninja was for smoothies.  I'd made a smoothie using the old circa 1989 Cuisinart blender with kale, flax seeds, yogurt etc and it was pretty good, but the flax seeds were broken up but not really smooth.  I had high hopes for the Ninja.


First test with the flax seeds-

put the seeds in the blender, turned it on for 20 seconds or so.....

Not Good-

all the seeds gummed up under the spindle, didn't chop up at all.  I added the kale and other stuff, and it did not blend or "smoothie" them to the consistency I was expecting. 



OK- FF to now!

Sauce Test Batch!!!


I'd done a couple runs with the different items, so here's how this went down.

Up on the mixing block was a test batch using roasted beets, garlic, some liquids, bit of ginger, spices....I want a smooooth consistency, no chunks....


I ran in in the Ninja food processor bin for a good couple minutes, heres the consistency-

Attached File  IMG_5696.JPG   100.8KB   2 downloads


Not smooth, so it went into the Ninja food processor for a couple minutes-

Attached File  IMG_5699.JPG   91.77KB   3 downloads


Still not as smooth as I wanted.  You can see white bits of garlic and ginger...into the BlendTec it goes!

Attached File  IMG_5701.JPG   68.99KB   3 downloads


Attached File  IMG_5703.JPG   84.46KB   2 downloads


That's more like it!




I've tried to make powder with the old Cuisinart and other blenders and they did OK.  The BlendTec will make the dried peppers as smooth as commercial garlic powder.  Not a mix of flakes and powder, all powder.  When making sauces, the BlendTec will completely blend the seeds, ginger, everything to a smooth consistency.  To the point where it would do no good to run through a food mill. 


My Vote-BlendTec WINS the performance tests!






Here's some jalapeno powder with a quick blitz in the BlendTec.  It's not perfectly smooth as for this powder, it's going into the salsa, so being really smooth was not an issue.  I have made really smooth powders, just don't have a picture of them right now.

Attached File  IMG_5710.JPG   107.01KB   3 downloads



Hope This Helps~~



NWCF 2017Seattle area campout- RESERVATIONS OPEN!!!

11 December 2016 - 06:58 PM

Reservations are open!  Looks like most sites are still open, but if you want a yurt....better get a hurry on!



Sept 8-10



I'm in site 24 again. 



For new folks,

this is an open to all chileheads campout and Saturday potluck.  We get together, eat, drink, cajole someone to eat something really hot that they normally wouldn't touch...you know.. ;) ...shenanigans.  :lol:


And in general, have a fun relaxing weekend with friends.


Come Join us!

Pure Evil 13 Sale CLOSED!

13 November 2016 - 11:04 AM

The intro sale for Pure Evil 13mil Capsaicin Drops!  CLOSED!


Prices have been lowered on our new Pure Evil website, and also on the Amazon listing.


Regular price is $88.88, the sale price is $62.88 (discounted $26..... $13 x 2 ;) )

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Purchaseres will get some bling and the first few orders will also receive a sample of Powdered Ghost Fire Hot Sauce (while supplies last).


Also available are a limited number of Collectors Tins for $99.99, of which $50 will be donated to the ASPCA charity.  I was intending to post a listing on Amazon, however, I don't have a bar code for the collectors tins, so it'll just have to be via PM and Post Here!  I'll be monitoring throughout the day and will post if they sell out.


The collector tins include a waxed, signed, numbered Pure Evil 13 tin which includes the Pure Evil drops and capsaicin powder, a 2nd Pure Evil 13 bottle to use and capsaicin powder, a Pure Evil gift bag, some bling, and a sample of powdered Ghost Fire Hot Sauce.


Attached File  IMG_5607.JPG   65.71KB   7 downloads


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Thanks for everyone's continuing support!