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Diner Lingo?

14 July 2018 - 03:50 PM

Cruising through some other threads looking for some classic comfort food inspirations, and it got me to thinking of the lingo back int he day, when phone calls had to be made by spinning a dial....of some of the classic diner lingo...



What do you know of?  Share it!


SOS = Sheit on a Shingle = chipped beef gravy on toast.  Chipped beef is a whole other topic worthy of much discussion and appreciation.


my grandpa was career Navy.  This was one dish I remember from him.  And there was something about Ham and white beans (navy beans) every Wednesday.~  John's dad was HMSRM and he ate chocolate bar sandwiches.   Yep, a chocolate bar with bread. 


B&G- biscuits and gravy= buttermilk biscuits and white or white sausage gravy


Adam and Eve on a raft= poached eggs on toast


Beanies and Wienies- baked beans and hot dogs  this was the Saturday daily special every saturday at the little cafe I worked at way back in the day...like the jurassic era....:lol:


Fry2-  short for 2 eggs, hashbrowns and toast


1 high

short stack

full stack

(pancake lingo~)


something about 'put some shoes on it' = To Go...


What do you remember? or still use? 



TB better be posting up a whole dictionary in here~  ;)  <3



Free Steak Sauce...for a price...

08 June 2018 - 03:28 PM

I'm not sure where to post this, in test kitchen or promotions.  Boss/Mods move it if needed.




My new Steak Sauce prototype needs some reviews!  I have 13 bottles of a new steak sauce that I will send out for the bargain price of sending me comments and reviews. 



Back story-

For several years now I've hosted a Making Hot Sauce class at the Grange hall in the winter.  This year, I asked the attendees what sauces they wanted to make and one reply was a 'spicy steak sauce'.  Hmmm OK...but in all of my life, I'd never even tasted Steak Sauce!  Pretty much lived by the thought that if the steak was good, it didn't need a sauce on it. 


But they wanted to make it, so I went to the store and bought a couple sauces (A-1 and Western Family) to taste what we were supposed to be making.  Well, those are interesting sauces, but I figured we could do better.


With what they made in the class and a few more tweaks to the recipe, here is the latest version of- 

Texas Creek Spicy Steak Sauce!


Attached File  IMG_6886.JPG   75.69KB   16 downloads

Attached File  IMG_6887.JPG   56.65KB   18 downloads


Comments needed-

general flavor


heat level

acidity/sweetness balance


any other comments...the usual~ :)


If you want to try the test batch and will commit to sending me comments (PM is fine), then go ahead and dibs on a bottle.  PM your mailing address to me and I'll get them in the mail over the next few days.





fermented tomatillos???

30 January 2018 - 10:56 PM

Has anyone used tomatillos in a ferment?


I'm setting up to do a green jalapeno ferment, but I want 60% other ingredients and 40% jalapeño.  Has anyone ever tried tomatillos in a ferment?  Yay?  Nay?  Do they just turn slimy? 


per jhc's question-edit to include- green peas?





Texas Creek Sauces Sale

20 January 2018 - 09:07 PM

It's Here! 

Texas Creek's Super Bowl Super Sauce Sale!

Pick 6 or Top 10


Attached File  IMG_6840.JPG   55.26KB   9 downloads

7 Pot Seasoning Salt

Spicy Worcestershire Sauce

Pear-Garlic Hot Sauce*

Jalapeno Sriracha Sauce

12mil Pure Evil*

GhostFire Hot Sauce

Tropical Ghost Sauce Glaze

Chipotle BBQ Sauce ( :eek:  It Does Exist! :lol:)

Fermented Habanero Sauce

Fire Roasted Red Sauce

Super Sour Jalapeno Fermented Sauce

Jalapeno Seasoning Salt



Pick6 box- medium flat rate box, your choice of 6 items.  Pick 6 different items, pick 6 of the same. $49

Top10 box- large flat rate box, your choice of 10 items.  Pick 10 different, pick 10 of the same. $75


* Pear-Garlic and Pure Evil are limited to 1 each per order

** shipping is included for continental US addresses only.  I can ship international if customer pays the extra shipping.


While most people will probably pay with PayPal, I do work with people who want to send a personal or cashiers check.  I can also send a PayRequest through Paypal to any email and the person can pay with a credit card or from their bank account.  Lots of options.  Post here or send me a PM if you have a question. 


For PayPal payments- send me a PM with your order, mailing address, paypal email.  I'll send a pay request from PayPal.  Once payment is received, your order will be packed and shipped.


Sale goes from now through Feb 3rd (the Saturday before Super Bowl)


See Below for Sauce pictures and details including heat levels-


GhostFire Hot Sauce- 6.5/10- chipotle/cider vinegar/spices flavors, classic award winning hot sauce, 10oz bottle

Attached File  IMG_6827.JPG   94.6KB   9 downloads


Chipotle BBQ Sauce- 6.5/10- mustard, sugar, chipotle and spices in this hot award winning sauce.  Contains-Milk, Soy

Attached File  IMG_6831.JPG   94.69KB   8 downloads


Tropical Ghost Sauce Glaze- 4/10- mandarin orange, pineapple, ginger and spices- a sweet glaze sauce excellent with fish, chicken, rice, veggies

Attached File  IMG_6832.JPG   82.68KB   8 downloads


Fire Roasted Red Sauce- 5/10- fire roasted tomatoes, onion, garlic, and smoked habaneros, a nice thick tomato based sauce. Contains-Soy

Attached File  IMG_6828.JPG   82.96KB   8 downloads


Pear-Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce- 5/10- made with pears, garlic, onion, and smoked habanero chiles, this unique white sauce is great on nachos and perfect for pork, chicken, veggies.

Attached File  IMG_6830.JPG   69.83KB   8 downloads


Red Jalapeno Sriracha Sauce- 5/10- fermented red jalapenos, with onion and garlic

Attached File  IMG_6834.JPG   79.82KB   8 downloads


Spicy Worcestershire Sauce- 4/10- spicy, complex, no fish, wheat-free and no extra salt added.  Contains- Soy

Attached File  IMG_6835.JPG   79.39KB   9 downloads


Habanero Sriracha- 6/10- fermented habanero peppers with oniion, garlic, and carrots

Attached File  IMG_6833.JPG   79.25KB   8 downloads


Super Sour Jalapeno Sauce- 4/10 fermented green jalapenos, onion and garlic.  For those who can't get it sour enough, this will do the trick! 

Attached File  IMG_6838.JPG   73.57KB   10 downloads


Seasoning Salts- 3/10,5/10- sea salt blended with jalapeno or Jonah 7 Pot chiles and spices.  In a reusable/refillable grinder top bottle.

Attached File  IMG_6836.JPG   130.44KB   8 downloads

Attached File  IMG_6837.JPG   141.19KB   9 downloads


Pure Evil 12mil- 12/10- 12mil SHU Pure Evil Capsaicin Drops, pure extreme heat.  Use the drops in food to spice up the heat without changing the flavor.   

Attached File  IMG_6847.JPG   58.87KB   8 downloads


Thanks So Much for everyone's continuing support for Texas Creek Products!