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Shrink Bands For Sale

05 January 2019 - 02:30 PM

Updated January 2018


This is an on-going sale and an opportunity for people wanting small quantities to get some at a reasonable price with shipping.

Black shrink bands for sale.  52mmx60mm with vertical perforated zip strip.  Prices quoted below are for shipping in USA.  I can ship international, contact me directly for a quote.

$2 per 100 with $5 shipping up to 500 quantity

100 bands= $7 ($2 for the bands, $5 shipping)
200 bands= $9

300 bands= $11

400 bands= $13

500 bands= $15


1000 bands $22

2500 bands $50

5000 bands $100


The perforated bands are 60mm in height, taller than most you find offered by bottle companies. They come down far enough to cover the fill line on most bottles. These bands work with 5 oz and 10 oz woozies. Will probably work on 12 oz also.

These bands can be shrunk with a hair dryer, a heat gun is not necessary. If you choose to get a heat gun, do not buy a "shrink wrap heat gun" from a packaging store for $85. Just get a regular heat gun from a hardware store for ~$30. The hardware store heat guns usually come with attachments like the fan diffuser which is helpful.

Paypal works for payment or we can make arrangements for a check or whatever. I can also process credit cards through Paypal. Send me a PM with what you are interested in. Thanks.


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2019 NW Campout- reservations are open!

09 December 2018 - 08:17 PM

I hope I got the right dates, September 6-8



I just checked and reservations are open.  Hopefully those who want a yurt can jump on it soon. 







Jerk Sauce and Brinjal Pickle recipes needed

17 November 2018 - 05:49 PM

Hey Everyone,


Looks like there is interest for another local hot sauce cooking class and I am looking for new ideas.  The class will happen in March, so, not the best time of year for getting fresh peppers in, but we've been able to substitute and use from my frozen stash for classes in the past. 


Over the last few years, we have done over 30 different recipes in all the different classes.


LOTS of sauce recipes- lots of flavor profiles, heats and colors.


pickled peppers

sriracha and other ferments

candied peppers

seasoning salts

peach chutney

steak sauce

AJ's Puree



I'm looking for Jamaican Jerk Sauce and Brinjal Pickle recipes.


Does anyone have a tried-and-true Jamaican Jerk Sauce recipe or a Brinjal Pickle recipe they would care to share?


The brinjal recipe looks fairly consistent, but if anyone has one they would share, I'd love to have one that is proven instead of relying on i-net recipes.



For this next class, I'm thinking of-

Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce (this was requested.  We did a Sambal Oelek before)

Brinjal pickle (requested)

a sweet pepper jam

Jerk Sauce

and some other basic hot sauce


SOMETHING ELSE????  Maybe a white garlic sauce?  We haven't done one of those, but it should be one that can be hot packed as that is kind of the purpose of the class. 


Thanks for any suggestions!






We Won! Pure Evil Marketing

18 October 2018 - 07:06 PM

Thanks to the many suggesting from everyone here on THP, my Pure Evil Capsaicin Drops won Honorable Mention in the marketing/packaging category of the Scovie Awards. 




Pure Evil got beat by a blister-pack...packet ....(not very innovative, but whatever...) ........  Oh Well...


The point of this post is to say THANKS!!! to all you folks here on THP who have helped with suggestions, label reviews, product testing, black tin links (Thanks, Pookie!) and all the support over the years.



Thanks, Everyone!!!






PS- The New and Improved Yellow/Red/Black PureEvil labels we were working on last summer arrived 3 days after I had to ship the stuff out to meet the contest deadline.





PPS- Texas Creek Wasabi Mustard=1st place

PPS- Texas Creek Chipotle Mustard= 2nd place




Captain Caliente sauces review

13 October 2018 - 10:01 PM

Captain Caliente and I traded some sauces.  Some things raised questions to me, but after some discussion with Captain Caliente, I was happy to learn that his sauces are made in a commissary kitchen in Florida and he is licensed with Florida and has had testing and all that stuff done. 


What I received was the Green-Go sauce, the Original sauce and an infused vinegar.





Apple Cider Vinegar

Pure Honey

Kosher Salt

 Test below ingredients says-

"the vinegar is infused with jalapeno, scorpion, 7-pot, ghost and cayenne peppers along with onion and garlic."


The vinegar is a little cloudy, which is to be expected of something infused with vegetables and chiles like that.   I get a bit of sweet (from the honey) and can still taste the other peppers/onion/garlic.  The ACV isn't too strong.  I haven't used this vinegar in a dressing or anything yet.  I like it and will keep it available.  



Apple cider vinegar






Pure Honey



kosher salt



The Original-










kosher salt



Both sauces have a similar profile.  Peppers, sweet, tang.  The green sauce is a little more pulpy, the red sauce is smoother. 

Attached File  Capt Caliente.JPG   97.66KB   26 downloads


Capt Caliente had been posting about highlighting the peppers and such.  The 2 sauces are good flavored sauces.  I don't get the whole "highlight the chile" flavor profile from these sauces.  They are sauces that have great pepper flavors, but nothing specific.  And looking at the ingredients, which lists several peppers in each sauce, the blend of peppers with the other ingredients works.  That might be the flavor profile to work with and highlight down the road.


The green sauce is a good medium heat sauce that should appeal to a wide market.  The red sauce is a good solid hot pepper sauce.  Too hot for most people, but right there for the folks that hang around here on THP.  Those crazy-a$$ chileheads who like the really spicy blends.  Yea, you know who you are....


Both sauces have similar profiles with the honey and ACV.

Attached File  IMG_7207.JPG   19.53KB   26 downloads


Some things to sort out with the labels and such.  For now, I'm happy to support a (new to us) hot sauce maker.