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Datil's 2017 - Nagaland, Mexico and beyond

17 February 2017 - 05:27 AM

Thought it was about time to start my first ever glog here :)
I'm very lazy and too busy to update it properly but i'll do my best.
This year i'm making an extra effort to keep the list tight and grow what i really like taste-wise, just a couple 'experiments'.

Here's what i've sowed so far (some seedlings already up):

- Myanmar Naga (landrace Burmese Naga pheno courtesy of Grant/JungleRain)
- Bih Jolokia Improved Light Green (originally from Frontal Agritech, courtesy of Chris Phillips)
- Yellow Bhut (scored on THP i forgot from whom... hoping is a true to form gnarly pheno or it will meet the axe LOL)
- Bhut Jolokia CPI (original release courtesy of Chris Phillips)
- Sonoran Chiltepin (wild landrace by narom8)
- Tamaulipas Chiltepin (landrace by Gary/windchicken)
- Chilito de Simojovel (landrace pequin from Peter/semillas)
- Forbing Naga (Red Nagabrain off-pheno by Gary/windchicken - see his thread)
- Madballz 7 2012 ('vintage' seeds by meatfreak, hope they will make it)
- Armageddon (originally from Vladan/Rainbow Chili Seeds, courtesy of Bjarne the BOC guy)


- Florida Wild Bird (OW)

- Bhut Jolokia OM (OW - from the dreaded italian OrtoMio brand, purchased as a live plant surprisingly true to form)

I may add or ditch something but the list will remain short this year :)

A special thanks to every THP brother that sent me seeds in the last years. I realized that it make no more sense to me to accumulate shitloads of them. Stock get old and loose viability sadly so i will probably make a list and gift to who's interested and have entire fields to dedicate...
I'll drop some pics later.

Thanks for reading



Sonoran Chiltepin by Narom8

03 May 2015 - 02:31 AM

Got this wonderful product some time ago.

I was very happy with the customer service, Carlos was kind enough to arrange an international shipping option for me and the package (1/2 liter of chiltepins) arrived pretty fast with USPS.

The aroma given off when i opened the plastic jar was wonderfully smoky and rich, a real desert breeze!






Price is fair, flavor is top and  the heat level is very high! I will come for more in the future!







7pot/pod x C. frutescens by JungleRain

14 August 2014 - 06:50 AM

Hi all!


I've received seeds for this variety the past season from JungleRain around July and started them immediatly.

After overwintering a plant (and started another for backup :) ) i've finally harvested first pods, it was a long trip!

This was the description of this cross by Grant:


"this cross is amazing..the second it touches your lips there is an extreme stinging pain, like having your tongue cut with a knife, (seriously hot not the same as a superhot but just as painful)"


Let's start with some pics:






Immature pod:




Maturing pod:




Harvested pods (2 different plants, looking pretty close):




Pods cut open:












When cut open the pod has a strong capsaicin smell but no real fruit/sweet/floral scent. Just a mild peppery.

I've taked a little slice, it has a sudden and upfront burn like putting a knife on your tongue. The funny thing is that, differently from other frutescens i've tried, the burn stays there for a while and does not fade quickly. It builds to a very good level with a little throat burn also.

I would say extremely hot but not superhot

The flavor is pretty "dry" / neutral so it surely works great for thai cooking (think of a thai pepper on steroids).

The plants grow very very strong (5-6 ft tall in big containers for me, very thick stem) and produce a lot but are a little slow to ripen.

Considering i'm very limited in space i don't know if i'm gonna growing it in the next years (until i move LOL).


All in all a very good cross if you, like me, don't like overpowering chinense taste/smell at all.

It reminds me a little of Lotah Bih flavor-wise but surely packs more punch and bigger pods.

My quest for non-chinense tasting superhots goes on! :)








RIP Mario Dadomo

01 October 2013 - 07:26 AM

Sad news from Italy: Dr. Mario Dadomo, one of the great European chili pioneers is passed away after a short illness on September 21th.

Here's a couple (translated) articles:


Addio a Dadomo, l'agronomo "mago" del pomodoro e del peperoncino


R.I.P. Mario Dadomo



Orange Habanero x C. Annuum

31 August 2013 - 02:10 AM

A funny hybrid that popped up from a very old bag of seeds (from my very first year growing peppers).

I've collected seeds from an Orange Hab pod and marked as possible hybrid because plants were very packed on my balcony.

The shape suggests me a Cayenne cross but there's some slightly corking like Jalapeno...








Heat is pretty good (i would say at least 100-150k SHU) with not much chinense taste so far (i'm not a big fan of chinense taste anyway). Seems like cayenne on steroids! A nice one to dry for sure.


Plant is very vigorous and growing tall and annuum-like.

I've already collected seeds and will probably grow some next year and share some if someone is interested in boring crosses :D