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In Topic: MikeUSMC's Whiskey Barrel Smoker

Today, 03:23 PM

Smoked stuffing. Hell yeah!

In Topic: t0mato's trials

Today, 12:44 PM

Too funny!!! :lol:

In Topic: t0mato's trials

Today, 11:52 AM

what the hell do they mean by an challenging Atmosphere. ???      All the bean eaters wearing patchouli  ??  
"Atmosphere - create an environment that is safe, clean, challenging, and enjoyable." 

The cashiers are definitely the most awkward out of the other stores in the area. One time I went in there to get some crafty beer. When I approached the register to check out the cashier asked how I was doing. Before I could give my reply the cashier said "oh good". Then she realized what she had done and I tried not to laugh. You could've cut the awkwardness with a knife.

In Topic: MikeUSMC's Whiskey Barrel Smoker

Today, 11:29 AM

Nice cook on that brisket. I need some smoked meat in my life.

That turkey should be off the hook.

In Topic: Being Crafty

Yesterday, 08:59 PM

This one was a bit disappointing. The HB Russian Imperial ghost stout I brewed last year is way better than this. The honey and tangerine are barely noticeable, and the cocoa nibs are a bit acrid with the bitterness. It's still a decent stout, and at 12%, I feel good after drinking it, but I could have cracked one of my HBs from last year, and it would have been much better.

Sounds like there's too much going on in that brew.