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In Topic: PexiePoo's '18 Glog. Now with more Quantum Board & COB LED.

08 December 2017 - 09:01 AM

Hoping there is a step by step process, with pictures! Been interested in putting together my own system as well but I'm not very handy so a pioneer in this area is well needed!


Good luck


Whenever I build another one I'll take pictures and what not. but in the mean time, watch this and everything else by him.



In Topic: Indoor Grow Room

27 November 2017 - 02:58 PM

that's another blurple. 2 of those would work but if you're going LED you want either COB (this type: http://timbergrowlights.com/) or some of those boards. they are DIY type lights just so you know, so some assembly is required. I would either stick with 2x of those quantum boards, a timber grow light (or build your own), or a single 630w CMH. The multi colored LED's will lead to disappointment/more lights.

In Topic: Indoor Grow Room

27 November 2017 - 01:54 PM

you could light up that 5x5 (same size I have) with a 630 watt CMH or two of the LED I linked. with that 4x8 you could grow way more as its 32 sq ft instead of 25. A rule of thumb I like to go by:


50w/ sq ft HPS
40W sq ft MH
30W/ sq ft LED/COB
35W sq ft CMH/LEC
60w/ sq ft cfl

In Topic: Indoor Grow Room

27 November 2017 - 01:40 PM



Hey thanks for this detailed reply, unless I just read over some stuff through the links I was wondering what the lighting area would be with something like LEC kit you linked. I'm also not a talented electrician by any means, so the discussion of wattage and amps etc etc is very quickly lost on me - however I believe a wattage that high would cost quite a bit on the electricity bill if I did a 16-8 lighting schedule.


I think this option is very doable, I just think that with a light as powerful and costly as that I would hope it could grow at least one side (or the majority of one side) of the room. If I need to have one of these lights every 3 feet that'll be an issue. Again, sorry if I read over this information.


large grow spaces require lots of light! with that much grow area packed with plants growing from start to finish you would need  around 3000 watts of light (10 of those lights)! Good thing they make light movers. If you just want to do a corner of it, why not make it into a room dedicated to a few plants. or alternatively get a grow tent or two

In Topic: Indoor Grow Room

27 November 2017 - 01:32 PM



Internet is running very slowly so I couldn't actually get an image to load but reading over the description I saw a 3x3 grow area underneath this light - for that price a 3x3 area doesn't seem that big - unless I'm just confused.


I was looking at some T5HO shop lights earlier, it was 4ft dual bulb 6500k for $39. Does this sound like a fake one to you?


yeah LED is expensive but the power savings (at least for me) are paying for it. T5HO are decent for vegging plants however you would need a good deal of them to grow any meaningful harvest. the CMH/LEC lights that Juanito's suggested are also very good for start to finish.