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PS. I'm not a huge fan of liquid smoke but it was done nicely here. I often pick out metallic or bitter notes and that did not happen. However I did presume it was smoke flavoring and not smoked pods upon testing, it just has a certain thing about it. But it's played nicely here. It makes me wonder how this sauce could be even better with smoked pods. :cheers: and thanks.

Not sure if Mike informed you otherwise but the one I reviewed was smoked pods but just an old label listing it as smoke flavoring. Great sauce

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14 October 2018 - 03:43 PM

It's a pretty commonly used term here in southern california. Almost every mexican joint has a gringo burrito or the like. It's accepted and never heard of anyone taking issue with it.

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I'm lazy though

Call it like it is brother. You're high lol

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My best friends in the world are "gourmet" Micks.

You need better friends. They'll end up getting you arrested sooner or later