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Mixology and Cocktails!

31 May 2015 - 04:26 PM

I searched the forum for a general cocktail thread and didn't see one.  Maybe I missed it, but I started playing more and more with mixing drinks and I know there are some creative people on this here site.  Let's see your cocktails!  I know I've had a few good spicy cocktails, but I don't really want to limit this thread to just spicy stuff because I want to see them ALL. Share a recipe, a pic, a suggestion!  I posted this in the meatless thread I usually post in, but thought some of you meat eaters who disregard that thread might be more into cocktails and mixed drinks, so this is a repost from friday, but I'm spending today mixing up more!


Blackberry bourbon cocktail:




Its muddled blackberries, mint, and meyer lemons, with bourbon and simple syrup.  Shaken with ice, strained (for the blackberry seeds) and garnished with mint!


Chicago Chilehead Spots

03 December 2014 - 04:21 PM

There are quite a few THP members from Chicago, and with a city so big, and so diverse, we've all got to have our favorite spots.  There's almost any kind of food you can imagine located somewhere in this city. In a city that serves hot peppers on their hot dogs religiously, there are some pretty great places for a good spiced up, sit down meal too. So, what are you favorite places for Mexican, Indian, Nigerian?  Who has the best salsa?  Hottest dish you've had?  Best wings?  What place has shocked you with spice?  



I'll start the thread by suggesting a trip to Fat Rice, named one of the best new restaurants in the US in 2013.  It's a Macanese place, a mix of Portugese and Asian cooking mostly, but then they have Piri Piri Chicken and Indian-ish curries.  They make a sauce with bhuts in it that was pretty tasty, nothing that will melt your face off too bad though.  I don't know how much has changed since I was there last year, but it was definitely good eats. You can find lots of heat on the menu. 


What about you?

Greatest City to Drink in..

18 September 2014 - 09:50 PM

So apparently we drink to avoid all the other real problems here... I can't say too much cause I do the same thing... and at least half the bars they mention are walking distance from me... 



Sm1nts2escape's peppers

26 August 2014 - 08:35 PM

I kept seeing the ads on the forums for SFRB and couldn't wait any longer to pick one up.  I chose to grab a box from Sm1nts2escape because it seemed like a good variety and I try to pick up at least 1 box from someone I've never ordered from at least once a season.  Commication was great and I got my peppers within a few days.  Box was crammed full of all sorts of spicy goodness


I should have posted this a few days ago but things have been crazy as usual.  Some pods are already missing but this is what I have left of the haul I was sent last week.  Every pepper arrived edible, one or two were starting to get soft so I just ate them right away. But man, some of those pods are GINORMOUS!  I've been putting them in grilled cheese sammiches (try it if you don't already).




Check out this pod, it was almost as big as Yuki's tennis ball... I am kind of afraid of it...



So if you see an ad in the forum for these pods don't be shy! Great stuff here!

The Spicy Meatless Thread... (ya I went there)

24 June 2014 - 10:41 AM

I know going into this that this thread is going to get meat bombed... but there's gotta be at least a couple other people on this forum that have herbivore tendencies.  Lately almost everything I have been cooking has been meat-free unless its for the dogs.  I've been toying with recipes and finding ways to get the flavors of dishes that usually have animal muscle as the main feature.  Hopefully some of y'all do the same from time to time and we can swap and share some spicy veggie recipes. I've held off on making this thread for a while because I know the ridicule that will inevitably come, but I guess its better to clog my own thread with my hippy food rather than all the other cooking threads. 


So here goes, last night per request I made some arroz congri and tostones.  


For the rice and beans, I chop up a green and red bell pepper, 2 onions and about 4-5 cloves of garlic. Cook up that in the pot before adding the rice and beans and sufficient water.  Season it up, and pretty much just leave it on the stove for a while.  I don't have any fresh pods yet so I seasoned my batch up with some smoked naga powder for good measure.  The tostones start by cooking them a bit on each side before pulling them from the pan.



After the tostones are cooked and pulled from the pan you gotta squish em dip em in cold water and throw em back in the pan, for the second round of frying. When you pull them out you can season them with whatever you want, I like to make a garlicky spicy sauce concoction to dip them in.  Also, make yourself a guava-lime rum drink for good measure. 



Eventually, after a long long time (especially if you use brown rice), your arroz congri will be ready.  




Happy vegetarian eating! (I also ate left overs this morning covered in cheese and a fried egg)


Let's see what you got....