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Jalapeno and Superhot Powder

08 January 2017 - 12:10 AM

Just checking in to see if anyone has some of their jalapeno powder and superhot powder (not picky about the type so long as it is insanely hot) for sale. It seems that sellers have superhot powder but not jalapeno powder or vice versa. 


Must be willing to ship to Canada. 

Mosaic virus or Bug damage?

21 June 2014 - 09:10 AM

My peppers have been a disaster so far. It starting months back when they were just starting out as seedlings. I bought some organic basil plants to use as I was waiting for my own seeds to grow, and the ones from the store ended up having white flies on them. The pepper and tomato seedlings seemed stunted after that, and I assumed it was white fly damage. I've been spraying down the plants since taking them outside, but they are really far behind and stunted, and I am no longer sure that it is just white fly damage. To top everything off, we are having a terrible start to the year and the overnight lows are still really cold (that may be the cause of the upwards leaf curl).


The leaves have a mosaic pattern on them, but I have never dealt with mosaic virus so I have nothing to go by except online pictures.


So my question is directed toward the experienced gardeners here. Does this look like one of the types of mosaic virus, or can it be a reaction to bugs such as white flies?


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<Enter> key does not work

23 March 2013 - 12:44 PM

I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but for the past week or so the <Enter> does not work when I am writing personal messages or responding to posts. Any ideas of what this could be or how to fix it? My <Enter> works on every other site I visit so it is something local to THP.

Stefan_W's 2013 Pods A-Ripenin'! Glog

02 January 2013 - 07:17 PM

I am going to start the new glog for my upcoming growing season on a bit of a personal note. One year ago tomorrow (January 3rd) is the one year anniversary of the day that my daughter was diagnosed with a tumour that is lodged in the middle of her brain. The past year has involved treatments and hospital stays, and there were at least three different points when we were pretty sure she was not going to make it. But she is a fighter, and nothing could keep her down for long.

Sofia has personally planted every pepper and tomato seed that I have started in the past three growing seasons. She beat the odds last year to help me, and once again she is defying what medicine has to say to help me out this year.

We started a jalapeno plant about a week ago just for the sake of watching it grow, because we both love it so much. One of the jalapenos grew to the point that it had its firt couple of leaves, so we transplanted him into a bigger pot. While we were at it I decided to put in some aji lemondrops, partly because they take a long time to fruit up and I wanted to give them a huge head start.

This is the jalapeno plant. I pulled the second one out because we did not need it, and discovered that the roots had grown all of the way down to the bottom of the cell.
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My daughter personally doing the transplant.
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Her aim is better than mine, and so it turned out perfectly.
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Next up was taking out the lemondrop seeds from peppermania.
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I need a few extras of this type, so I asked Sofia to plant two seeds in each of the four cells. Two plants will be for us, and whatever else grows will be given away to good friends.
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Two of the three tiers in my lighting stand are currently being used as toy shelves, which is cool for now. The lights are adjustable, and moved down to get close to the seedling.
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The heating pad works extremely well, and once the cells are covered the top clouds up in no time.
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A happy early jalapeno seedling in his new home. I thought I heard "feeeeeed meeeeee" coming from that direction, but I'm not sure.
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That's it for today, folks! Welcome to my new glog :welcome:

For Canadians (and Americans too): Chilly Chiles

22 November 2012 - 04:59 PM

For the Canadians on this board, and Americans too if you don't mind cross border orders. Chilly Chiles has opened in Manotick, Ontario under new management. You can find them on Facebook, and their webpage is http://www.chillychiles.com/

The webpage is under development, so if you are looking to buy great sauces I recommend liking them on Facebook and contacting the owner that way.

I am not affiliated with this store, but I have loved it since it was under previous management and located in Navan. It has a great deal of appeal for people who are frustrated by continually being left out of sauce exchanges and offers, and always having to wait for weeks for orders to clear Canadian customs.