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27 May 2017 - 06:44 PM


chimmi? Looks tasty


yes sir.   how was the soy sauce? maki looks great

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27 May 2017 - 06:42 PM


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27 May 2017 - 06:39 PM

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26 May 2017 - 06:12 AM

Not much standing out those days...
Plants are growing, 7pods orange not so much, Avenir a bit more, Serrano and CAP363 more, Zuzqua not so much, just their pods (and it's not that bad).
Now i am wating for some CAP363 to ripe, i have some like that:
Also, finally, some more pods are setting:
Those are the CAP363 on back
They're growing faster than the one on front of my home.
Serrano aren't huge and don't have pods, but they're on the right way:
Pods still growing, we'll see.
From what i've seen if you use ferrata set properly (and not everyone use it that way it seems) it's not that dangerous.
On health side medics finally found my foot problem, it's indeed Morton's Neuroma... I'm not convinced that this is all, i hope medics have it right...
Probably i'll have to operate and stop a couple of months from hiking that, if it solves, it's not that bad... In doubt i'm returning to use my mtb...
I just hope it doesn't worsen too much before an eventual operation since i'd like to participate on a good hike at mid June and an hard one at end of July that should be wonderful.
By the way, last weekend had been a good one.
On saturday:
On left theachers tested us with a mountaineering descent... Well, it was cool! Also comfortable... No problems with knees or foot for sure. :D
On right the first part of that little ferrata. Usually beginning is purposely the hardest part, so you can withdrawn safely. It wasn't very long but quite exposed and probably i used my arms too much (arms should be used as less as possible to avoid unnecessary effort).
Also, we avoided rain for some minutes... What a luck...
On sunday we went to Carega that is the highest peak of Piccole Dolomiti group, via ferrata Campalani.
Weather was awesome... Sight ranged from Venice lagoon to Garda lake and we've even seen Apennine Mountains... And temperature was just right.
Piccole Dolomiti aren't huge or very high (Carega is 2259 m above the sea) but seems higher mountain...
That has been really fun! Also it's much less scary than what this seems. That way was very climbable but with safety and with the aid of chain and wire (that i tried to avoid to use as much as possible, except for carabiners of course).
The start was considered very difficult, to be honest it seemed easy to me. I found harder the central chimney.
Here an overview...
And a sight from the start...
On first pic Cima Carega:
And then some landscape...

Great pics my friend! Looks like you have been really enjoying life. Cooking anything good lately? Cheers

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25 May 2017 - 01:56 PM

there was no doubt that I wasn't gonna be able to TD


but I look forward to seeing all the burgers, looks like the biggest participation yet