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Today, 06:01 PM

Most of the time , my daughter and I have to look it up on YouTube to figure out how to do it.

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I work for a school district, for the last 18 years. Technology guy. I couldn't teach kids, I would not do well. You should see what the state of Texas expects these kids to aborb. It's insane. How about when you make a purchase? I see the total, $16.43, I hand them a 20. My brain says 57 cents make 17, and 3 = 20. They can't do it. If the register did not display the change they need to tender they would be counting on fingers they don't have.


I think my first career as an emissions tech (25 years) at a GM dealership was easier on the brain. But harder on the bod..

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Today, 05:52 PM

I remember my science teacher telling us the large intestine was like 8 feet or something and if you stretched out your small intestine it would wrap around the world or some shit, I was like how does all that fit inside of us?


Just think how full of shit you would be if that were true... ;)

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Today, 05:49 PM


Thanks so much, Stickman! I'll do some research to see if I can find a lab like that in Europe. If I do, I'll post somewhere it for my fellow Europeans.


I hope you find a good lab ;)

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Today, 05:47 PM


Sorry for the hijack Scott, I'll make it quick...


In soil testing, it's important to use the right extractant for your local conditions. Logan Labs performs those tests and presents the information in a manner that's useable in the soil mineralization scheme put forward in the book. Here's what a sample test report looks like when using a Melich III extractant.




For a few dollars more they'll also include Selenium, Molybdenum, Cobalt and soluble Silicon levels. That was my choice.


You probably have a district agronomy officer, probably at a university, and if you find them, you can ask for a recommendation for which soil lab to use for your tests. It can be a complicated subject as you can see from this thesis.




Now back to regular programming... ;)


No Hijack buddy, this word needs to be spread. These changes I made put the performance back to where it was before adding that horrible "top soil". Top soil from hell...


It will get better and better every year from now on..

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Yesterday, 06:40 PM


Thanks! I hope they will. The warm, sunny weather did wonders already. I haven't noticed the same growth habit as a true PDN though, and I even have one of those to compare them to. The PDN is much, much taller and planted at the same time. I wonder how that's possible?


I'm guessing your seeds have more Bonda traits?


I will say mine didn't really show this until they got around 18"s tall. I started them in early December to coincide with my local growth schedule.


A few pics from this weekend, they're really podding up a lot more than the were last shown...not in a crazy manner, but mo better ;)



White cross




Purple cross.


I also put one of each in containers. They're liking the dirt much more!