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Today, 01:58 PM

     Damn! Nice coupon!

In Topic: Earthworms ???

Today, 10:55 AM

Lets think about why earthworms help the soil

1) Loosen soil and allow air near roots

2) Loosen soil and allow water to flow through

3) Eat organic matter and convert to nutrient rich "castings"


Earthworms will benefit your pots for 1 and 2. whether you will get a benefit for #3 depends on your soil composition, but I imagine you didn't use many leaves when you were making your potting mix.


I'm not going to be buying worms for my pots, but like Joyners said, its worth tossing them in if you see one.


     Worms also "eat" soil. They ingest dirt and digest the microbes living therein.

In Topic: Earthworms ???

Today, 10:51 AM

     I use a soilless mix mainly made up of peat and bark fines and I do the same as Chris - I just toss them in if I find them after a rainstorm.

     As long as the container doesn't get too hot and can maintain enough moisture when it starts getting really hot and dry, I think they like it in there. I know they multiply because I occasionally see young worms even though I only add adults.

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Yesterday, 05:57 PM

gm just shed a tear


     ...or something. :D

In Topic: Is too much foliage at the base of a plant a problem?

Yesterday, 10:22 AM

     I usually pinch off all branches growing within 4-8" of the soil. As you mentioned, air flow is important for keeping pepper plants free of foliar disease. Also, low branches tend to be the ones that droop down to the soil and allow slugs an easy route to the canopy.

     Along with pinching off the lowest branches, I also remove side branches when they appear too crowded. I've found that crowded branches on an overly bushy plant only end up competing with eachother and just produce foliage on the inside of the plant's canopy - further restricting airflow and producing little fruit.



Here are some pics of plants I grew last season. All of these had their lowest branches removed. And I only kept maybe 4-6 branches below the "Y". The branches I chose to keep were well spaced and loaded with fruit.