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In Topic: Make your best taco.

05 December 2018 - 07:52 AM

Chicks dig 70's guitar players with thinning hair. True story

In Topic: Jay T's Ultimate Food Porn Thread

05 December 2018 - 07:46 AM

Bah not true.

In Topic: Burgers? Hell Yeah!!

28 November 2018 - 03:41 PM

TB you need me to send you some Martin's potato rolls?

In Topic: Kitchen Nightmares - Pookie gets a new kitchen

26 November 2018 - 10:06 AM

Can't. Had a little "drunk driving" incident last night...Attached File  amish-dfbc596dcae52bfd.jpg   159.05KB   8 downloads

In Topic: The Last Great Pizza Thread

24 November 2018 - 11:45 PM

I can dig it on both of them. Also, those are fancy plates where I come from.