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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!


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In Topic: Savoury chilli recommendations

Today, 01:52 PM

Thanks for the suggestions guys, unfortunately I need red pods for my purpose :) I'll keep those in mind though

I'm just curious as to why the pod color matters if your primary purpose is to add flavor to cooking ?  The paste should not change the color of the food you are cooking or am I missing something ?


I would think the flavor is primary and color secondary but this is just my opinion lol. 

In Topic: Hardening off my Scotch Bonnets and Tomatoes

Yesterday, 02:16 PM

:dance: Nice!


What maters are ya doing?

Tasmanian Chocolates

Summer Sweet Golds


Freds Tie Dye

Dwarf Purple Heart

Dwarf Russian Swirl

Ground Cherry

Dixie Golden Beefsteak


I also bought the following:


Sun Gold





In Topic: Breaking Bread

Yesterday, 01:18 PM

Say hello to my baguette's. :)

In Topic: What's wrong with this Aji Mango?

Yesterday, 11:25 AM

I'll take a garden full of pepper plants that look like yours  :)

In Topic: Trinidad Pork Stew

27 March 2017 - 05:23 PM

is this the same p dreadie that developed the scotch bonnets ?