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In Topic: D3 2017 Keeping it mild.

Yesterday, 01:47 PM

First mini harvest, feels like i'm behind on pod production this year.....





Black Thai




Blue Christmas




Maybe it's an accidental cross but this is supposed to be BOC




In Topic: D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

Yesterday, 01:44 PM

Orange  pheno  of el  scorponero I really liked that pod on   left  but  it had a wormhole




Red Pheno of El Scorponero




Very round looking Aji Painapple pheno




Not round Aji Painapple  pheno




Three  pheno of Aji Inti (still need a taste  test) All visually  similar. Middle a little wider, right has a  semblance of tails on the end. 




In Topic: D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

20 July 2017 - 02:35 PM

I didn't do a video on El Scorponero f2, but will share first impressions. My co-worker and I ate 1/4 pod each cut lengthwise. It had a sweet/fruity flavor. The heat was delayed and slow building, but when it ramped up it was pretty searing hot and lasted a while. I like it.
Here's the cut open pic. Some of the seeds are dark, but get that sometimes on early/first pods. The pod weighed 13 grams, had pretty thick walls.

I got a couple I need to try as well, orange and red phenos. Also a ripe devils prick. Had some on a burger that was pleasantly good. Also have 3 phenos of aji inti f3 to compare. All are very similar just slight differences in pod shape. On phone but pics later.

Also finally starting to get pods on my aji painapple. Was starting to worry

In Topic: B. Goat or MoA Scotch Bonnet?

18 July 2017 - 10:04 AM

Wait for pods

In Topic: D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

15 July 2017 - 07:41 PM

Nice man those look great. F2's? 


not sure, they was pods that was sent to me by hogleg that looked a little long for pequin. Probably f3 or f4


I grew them and got different phenos last year. He had it growing near goatsweed (black cobra) so it's a best guess cross based on the black pods and fuzzy branches