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Today, 10:02 PM




Oh yeah.... i would monster that!


Was better than I was expecting even. Crispy pork went well with the sweet potato. 

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Today, 09:28 PM

Making my first attempt at shipping a small plant plug. The stem isn't as sturdy on this one as I would like but it's all an experiment. I may try selling plugs next year if these work out. 




Looks like the plants I shipped made it in good condition. Next year I will most likely be selling starter plugs. 


I accidentally purged all my plant pics and too lazy to get more. Here's one I didn't delete



In Topic: D3monic "Can" Cook but Allergies Suck!

Today, 09:18 PM

I made the thing I saw on FB.


Sweet potato in oven for hour


Seasoned with cumin, hot chili powder, garlic, onion powder .




Crisped up some the pork from top post and tossed in some onion and pablanos. Similar seasoning to sweet tater






Back in oven with some mexi cheeses on it. Pulled and green onioned. Valenti hot sauce




Really freaking good, got a belly ache. Ate both those and a big pile of meat. 

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Today, 08:57 PM

What goes into a vanilla cream ale?

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Today, 08:47 PM

Broke till tuesday. No beer left, 😩 What you brewing? Stout heavy in roast malt, mosaic, arse loads of cocoa nibs and a metric fck ton vanilla?