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In Topic: D3 2017 Keeping it mild.

Today, 02:43 PM

GH is doing wonders, Michael!  Grow is looking great.


I notice you are using Organic GROW!  How do you like it.  

I got a bottle of their Organic Bloom to try out with some

of my plants this summer.




it's pretty good, I noticed a difference in growth once I started using it. I'll probably get the bloom soon too as i'm starting to throw out flowers. 

In Topic: Peter S - 2017 grow

Today, 02:41 PM

Thanks! Yeah, I hope so, going to try to get one of the clones out in real sunlight soon.


how's the one that was developing pods, they putting on any size yet?

In Topic: D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

Today, 02:40 PM

Tried 3rd and 4th El Scorpenero today.


Will dry the seeds over the next few days and send these and the rest of the varieties I haven't sent yet. I hope its not too late, just our summer this year was the shittest one in as long as I can remember.


El Scorpenero F2 Plant 3: Smaller pod (although there were only a couple on the plant), pretty bitter, very strong chinense smell with not much else that I could tell. Pretty average. Pretty hot, I'd say about same as a standard bhut jolokia and the heat is very quick.





El Scorpenero F2 Plant 4: Bigger, no placenta pretty much, the seeds were sitting on the inside. Much nicer smell than p3, no bitterness in the taste at all, hard to say what the taste is like, some kind of fruit for sure, not too sweet but maybe a bit sour. Not 100% sure, but very nice. Heat similar to p3, about same as a bhut maybe, but the heat is a bit slower building, but not as slow as some.






I'm playing out in the greenhouse for a bit today, it's bloody hot in there. Potting up a few plants and sowed a few of the seeds you sent. I'm sowing El scorponero f3 from plant 1 , the yellow pheno of D3 goat from plant 2, D3 goat plant 1 and the aji inti from plant 1.  I'll try and get some pics of the plants while i'm out poking around in them. 

In Topic: Peter S - 2017 grow

Today, 02:15 PM

That painapple in the back looks great. Shouldn't be long before you have more pods than you know what to do with!

In Topic: [Apr 24] What are you working on this week?

Today, 01:43 PM

Today is Atreyu's birthday so we are taking him to ChuckyCheese so no cooking tonight. I'm about to head out into the greenhouse and do some potting up and germinate a few seeds of the crosses that Sentenced to burn sent back to me.