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  • Ok well got your sase today and seeds will be out to you tomorrow.Let me know how you do please.great season to you and well burn! Rich
    old avatar
    <another I think they disappear after a week. So grab it now.
    AaaaaBM! I want to go to the AAAAAA B Mmmm...doobie doobie do wa, doobie doobie do wahh....bumpa bumpa something somethiiiinnnggg....Aaaaa B M!
    That's fine. Ask away.
    Why do you think the outdoors take so long?
    Sun too Bright? Too Hot? Always raining?
    Hey Man, Want to be doing what u doin, hope u don't mind if i ask you questions, want to be growing indoors outdoors seems to take too long.
    Pretty good. I need to re-pot soon so they can get big though.
    How you like my new Goat's Weed avatar?
    I have a bunch of those finally. I can't wait to see what they look like this summer.
    Hey sorry about the miss spell.Thanxs for letting me know.Have yourself a good one.
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