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    In search of Curry Leaf and Pandan seeds/plants

    You can try Well Sweep. Here is the website:   It doesn't show a price in the catalog for curry leaf, but it's from last year. This is the first year they didn't update the catalog - may have been due to the pandemic.   In general, Well Sweep is really good. You...
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    Gnat Problem

    The plants sure did survive. It's tough to completely wipe out gnats, but the HP knocks them down. You're supposed to use it on a weekly basis while you have a problem, or every 5 to 6 days if the infestation is significant - I don't know how bad it is for the plants, but I guess if you have to...
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    Gnat Problem

    I've had the gnat problem this year for the first time really. As said, DE helps contain them, neem gives minimal help. The things I've found that work are hydrogen peroxide soil drenches (4 parts water to 1 part HP); kills the larvae. I also repotted them in new soil, as much of a pain in the...
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    music Anybody like Pink Floyd?

    I also saw them in '94 in the old Philly Spectrum. The venue was like a prison, but the show was intense and amazing.    I also saw them in Yankee Stadium that year. That show was much better because I had seats on the field. 
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    Hot sauce created to mimic spider venom

    Bad marketing. The arachnophobic community will not buy this sauce. I know a ton of people who run from spiders. 
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    Can't you just skip that step and participate in a scandal? If no one spills the beans, no worries!

    Can't you just skip that step and participate in a scandal? If no one spills the beans, no worries!
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    But did you give up *chocolate covered* oreos???

    But did you give up *chocolate covered* oreos???
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    When to Plant Outside

    Ideally, you want overnight lows to be 50+. In 6a, I don't plant out until the 3rd week of May now. Spring is very inconsistent and winters go longer, spring never really appears. I run out of room, too, but it's easier to keep them in (the house or greenhouse, depending on the temps) than...
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    Favorite heirloom tomatoes

    Eva Purple Ball for its taste, yes, but also for its ability to resist cracking and disease in humidity.   Goldman's Italian also does well at disease resistance and is multi-purpose. Big, pleated, meaty.
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    [Feb 11] What are you working on this week?

    Been training a puppy for 2 weeks (got him at 8 weeks). I'm winning, only because I'm bigger. I forgot you have to train them not to eat QP stone...  :confused:
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    Quotes of Interest...

    I always liked "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." Just sounds cool to say, but I don't think I have ever had occasion to say it.
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    seeds What happens to my seeds?

    I would just start over if you have more seeds and keep a closer eye on them. 
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    [Jan 7] What are you working on this week?

    Ate lunch here: The Catanzaro
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    DF 2019 Veg Glog

    Cool. My lime is pushing out lots of unopened blossoms at the moment.