Aug 2, 1966 (Age: 57)
Real Name
USPS Clerk
I have been doing Hot Sauce reviews for the past few years for Taste the Fear, a Chilehead website for the masses. I am a very creative person and you will see that in my ideas when people ask for help. I love to help people and don't like getting things in return. The idea is to make people smile, and if I succeed, then I get my own smile.

I am a Minnesota Vikings fan, and help with a fan club in Northern VA. Right now we have an average of about 75 people that show up for every game. We have had as much as 200 people show up for a game.

I am also a Mets, Nats, Nets and Phoenix Coyote fan. Yes, I love sports, but I am more of a coach potato than a participant.

I have dabbled in hypnosis, and love to perform tricks at parties when asked.

My Motto:
Treat people like you want to be treated.
Favorite Food
French Fries, Pizza, and pineapple
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Nothing, I have to wait at least 45 minutes because of stomach surgery.
Favorite Hot Pepper
Trinidad Scorpion
Favorite Hot Sauce
M & D's Ring of Fire XX Habanero
Favorite BBQ Sauce
WIld to Mild FHH
Favorite BBQ Food