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  • Been doing just fine! Fixing to go on my 2 week active duty with the Navy. I'll be in Little Creek, VA Till late August. Other than the HEAT, I'm looking forward to it. ---Good luck in N'Awlins!!!
    I haven't received any of the packages, but I believe the first one must have sent to the wrong place by mistake. I have no doubt the second one will arrive, eventually.
    Thanks for asking. :)
    I see weekend of fire has updated their site now and already have the floor plan and some vendors booths listed..i didnt see yours yet.. :)
    Got our 1841 yesterday. Very good. Not as hot as I thought it would be but the flavor is out of this world. My 8 year old chili head had it, thought it was great! It's a family sauce :)
    Got the 1498 and Mauvais sauces yesterday. Both are good..but that 1498 is super good. Not very hot..just a tingle..but man the taste is wonderful. Thanks for more great products!
    agreed Jay T....i DO need to get back in on the throwdowns....I had so much fun doing them, I going to do my best to get in on the next one! I actually need to spend more time on here in general!
    Howdy Johnny!, just wanted to say it was great meeting you the "I like it hot fest" I just got back earlier today from my road trip, so i will be posting up some reviews of your sauces that i got, that datil grillin' sauce, didnt make home man lol, I took it to my friends in daytona and we ate that stuff on everything , first night was on burgers, second was ribs third night wa...
    Cool. While you are there I want to introduce you to my local hot sauce guy and try to get your line in his store. I let him try a couple of your products and he's definitely interested.
    Yeah it's coming soon. Where are you staying? We need to come up with a get together spot afterward like we did at Peppers. There are a bunch of bloggers coming there as far as I can tell. I am looking forward to trying your new stuff and some of the old. You make some kickass stuff buddy.
    What's up Johnny? Your first review should be posted in the next day or so. You still going to Bowers? Hope to see you there. I need to get some more stuff from you!
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