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  • Hey Dick pm me your e-mail addy, i have a kick ass article that smashes the theory of rising sea levels. :D
    Thank Dick, I would appreciate the royal treatment :)! The bar I go to out here is quite a hot spot in my area and I am in pretty tight with the owner and management so I'll do some definite pushing!
    Here is a label for my Hab sauce :
    Hey Dick! Just bought a 4 pack of nutterz! Going to bring them to the local bar and see what they think! They already are serving my hot sauce on their wings...maybe get ya another distributor! Nutterz in Portland (Beaverton), OR!
    Dang it is really empty noone has commented on my homemade chicken jerky thread:lol: oh well I am going on a trip Sunday (well later today actually :lol:) so maybe it will pick up by then :lol:
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks again for stuffing that box with all the extra bags of Nutterz. I've managed to convert a few more souls to do your bidding. Cheers!
    I know that, you never have to worry about me, I'm not the sensative type, will be drinking in an hour, have a good weekend. By the way, does your band play a lot of bars/clubs up there?
    I will be ordering more soon, I have gotten most of the people I work with hooked on these things. Great job on the nutterz!
    Hey bro,

    I got your shipment today...wow...I'm impressed.
    Thanks for all that. :)

    I did a review w/ pic and a video: http://www.thehotpepper.com/showthread.php?p=96068

    I only did the Nuclear ones for review as I figure that's the interest around here. The other flavors were great too.

    A couple tiny critiques:

    (1.) The Bacon/Cheddar is kick-ass flavor, but they seem to be peeling off the nuts more than the rest. Flavor is wonderful though.

    (2.) IMO, the crab flavor tastes more like celery salt than crab. Could just be me though. :)

    All in all, a great product man, and thank you. :D


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