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    annuum Frost hardiness of chiltepins from the SW US...

    Same here in Tucson. I've had a big plant growing beside the house for ~5 years. Hard frost nukes most of the branches, but by April new shoots come charging out of the rootball. The plant seems a little more cold tolerant than my other overwintered peppers. We've had a few mid-30 nights...
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    heat Hot pepper with short lasting effect

    Chiltepin are hot enough to get your attention. But just when you start to wonder if you've done something rather stoopid, the heat begins to subside.
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    container What size containers do you use?

    I use the blue fabric Wally World bags. 50 cents each and they hold about 7 gallons.   
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    pests Feeding hornworms, as strange as it may sound...

    You can feed the monsters organic (pesticide free) peppers or tomatoes. Ask the produce guys for damaged freebies!
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    When to start growing in Florida?

      Interesting.  I've never seen that here in Az.
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    When to start growing in Florida?

    Well, it almost never freezes, and the average winter low in in the mid 50s.  That should be warm enough for the plants to grow year round, without them going dormant for the season.   Plan to provide mid-day shade in the summer, if possible.  Locating an in-ground garden just under the southern...
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    favorite Favorite peppers between 30-50k Scoville scale

      Aji Guyana looks amazing! 
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    pests Got bugs

      PLEASE don't use that sort of systemic neonicotinoid!  Sure, the stuff works wonders, permeating the tissue and killing anything that chomps on your plant.  Unfortunately it also kills pollinators, leaf-cutting bees, and damn near everything else that comes in contact with the plant, flower...
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    StettoGro 4: Spredner Tin 2020

      And you already have enough trouble getting those damned Amarillos to ripen before the annual ice age arrives....
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    Desert Grow 2020

    They are the woven fabric type so they drain and 'breathe' very, very well.  Evaporation through the fabric cools the roots, which helps keep the plants happy in the stupid Az heat.  Capacity is about 7 gallons, enough for a respectable plant.  For 50 cents Wallybags are a gardening 'miracle!' ...
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    container Should I cut off the lower leaves of my container pepper plants?

    Us anxious primates have a bad tendency to meddle without cause!  I try to assume that the plants know what they are doing.   So long as reasonable light reaches those leaves, they will contribute to the overall energy output.  Leave them unless they are dragging on the ground and rotting, etc.
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    Desert Grow 2020

    The last few growing years have been filled with disappointment, outright disaster, and greatly reduced interest.  But then 2020 came along and 'gifted'  :rolleyes: me with plenty of time to devote to the hobby! The Pepper Zone sucked me in big time.   Results to date are fantastic, at least by...
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    StettoGro 4: Spredner Tin 2020

      You guys might try 'tickling' the plant's roots.  Gently dig him out and trim the tips off the outlying roots. This idea is similar to topping or FIMing in that the damage stimulates new growth.  I tried this on one 'stuck' plant this year and he did seem to perk up after a week or two.  (Of...
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    wanted Looking for plants for sale

    Ben, did you wind up with enough happy plants?  I've got a buttload of beer-cup stage baccatum if you want to brave the USPS gauntlet.  
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    How tall can hot peppers (or sweet) get?

    Check out some of the 'Growdown' threads in the GLOGS forum. The sky is the limit.