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  • Thanks for the B-day wish. Just got back from elk hunting, no luck this year...been kind of a lurker lately. I still read the boards but have been pretty busy. Wishing EVERYONE a super growing season!!!!!
    Hey Mr Mal, Happy Bday hope it turns out to be a good one. Hope your hunting season is going well also. Drink a good beer either way today!
    Cheers man, my weekend has been busy as. weather is crap here, but still very mild. almost halfway through winter and have only had 1 very small frost. How's your weekend going mate?
    Hey bro, got your seeds today! so stoked they got here so quickly, thank you very much mate. :)
    Awesome, thanks Maligator! yours are also in the post, hopefully get to you asap.
    Cheers mate! I did it twelve years ago for my 18th and have wanted to do it again ever since. i should do it every year :)
    Good to hear you caught some Fish. ;) When you have a fungus or algae problem in your seed starting medium mix 1 Tbls of hydrogen peroxide per quart of water and water the seedlings with that for a few watering cycles and that will take care of it.
    You're westside WA? Used to live up in Port Angeles like eleven years ago- love it up there! Have a good season!
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    No it's not too late. Fish is an annuum and grows and develops fast enough to give you pods this season.

    Glad u got the seeds ok, plant away. :)
    Yeah it doesn't take long for the bug to bite! Some members here go from say 20 plants in their first year to 500+ plants in the second year. What varieties are you are after?
    Just picked some peppers to pickle. Thai hots and Fatalii's.
    Looks like there is a storm on the way.
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