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  • Just wondering what type of chilli pepper you are growing.. here are the list of seeds that I got. (Just seeds) 1. Bhut jolokia, Bhir Jolokia,chocolate bhut jolokia, 7pot red, 7pod Yellow, yellow fatali, trinidad scorpion, trinidad scorpion Butch T, nagabon jolokia, TS Morouga blend, Bonda Ma Jacques
    Hi kiddc,
    Terima Kasih. Which part of Malaysia you are from. Looking forward to learn from you guys about growing imported chillies locally.
    Hi Bro,
    Great to hear from you, hmm thats the only hot sauce I can think of that I tried in Malaysia. Pretty mild compare to the vietnames chilli that I have to me, but I do enjoy the taste
    Welcome to THP :)
    well there are officially 5 members from m'sia inculding you. one of them inactive and the other is a newbie that come once in a while. ME & Kiddc are the active members here.:)
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