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    Two Word Turd

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    Two Word Turd

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    Two Word Turd

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    Two Word Turd

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    Two Word Turd

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    Two Word Turd

    garden spaces
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    disease Bacterial infection or something else?

    Couldn't hurt we use it on everything green...
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    Two Word Turd

    and grasses
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    Two Word Turd

    with urine
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    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

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    Two Word Turd

    and enjoyment
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    issue Leaves turning pale

    We have used Surround as a spray mist to protect every plant we set out in pots or in ground. It leaves a white powder on the leaves to reflect the suns damaging rays. Just a spoon full in a hand sprayer will protect your young tender plants from burning + prevent insects & worms from damaging...
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    misc Looking For A Short Bushy Pepper.......

    The Amarillo & Rojo both make neat little bushes filled with colorful peppers.
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    Hello , Have questions about overwintering superhots

    Just like the other plants we over winter in a cold damp basement with soil floor. We bring them outside as soon as temps are pleasant, & then take them back in when it's going to frost. I have just been trimming the dead branches off when they first go outside, & with some Fish & seaweed food...
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    Hi - I am a Food Scientist

    Welcome the THP.