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  • Hi Vladan,
    Thank you so much my friend.
    Looks like your season is going very well for you. Hope your house moving went ok.
    Hi Michael
    How are you doing my friend? About Atarodo this plant didn't produce much this year becouse it was move( dig out ) when I was moving in another house but I can give you few free seeds my friend refresh my memory & send me your full name & address & I be glad to send you some.Take care!
    hey mate i just wanted you to know that5 there is a good possibility that those ozlantwern seeds i sent may yield a cross breed i planted two and got something other than a oz lantern
    its bushy like the lantern but it has tabasco shaped peppers they are green yet so i dont know what color they will turn
    i can get some better seed come septemberish
    i test planted a few more
    Hey guys. Yep thats me, the one in Huntingdale with the TS powder. We did talk about catching up, but understandable when getting teeth pulled out(hope you are getting better). I'll make sure I leave a bit of TS powder for you and Adam cause I used alot of it in making Jerky. There's some Jerky wiyh your name on it too if you or Adam eats any.
    I just spoke to Adam. Are you the one in Huntingdale with the Trinidad Powder?
    If so we keep saying we have to catch up with you, but I have just had all my wisdom teeth out and was waiting till I feel bit better.
    Hi Micca
    Did Adam or I talk to you at the chilli fest? Met quite a few people so you might need to refresh my memory on what we talked about : )Where abouts do you live?
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