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  • You have any good Fatalii seed stock? Would love to grow that pepper next year and I have none.
    How's that powder i sent working out for you? Hope you have a great season.
    Happy Birthday Noah...maybe this year somebody will get you a car to got with that steering wheel...enjoy "your" special day.
    Stuff went out yesterday Noah. There are Douglah, Barrackpore, Bonda and Scorpion pods in there as well as a bag with the two kinds of Bonda seeds. The seeds in the other bags are viable too but they are all OP. The Scorpion pods were already crushed too so don't place the postal service for that one ;) They were bone dry.
    Hey Noah i need your addy again mate, i wiped it when i was clearing shit out. Sorry :D Turns out that the two different seed types were mixed together too so you will still get them both but you won't know which is which :lol:
    Hey Noah i am growing Bondas at the moment, i think i can send you two different seed types. One type is from Boutros and the other would be from myself grown from Hippy seed. Pm me your addy and i will get them out.
    hey there and thanks for the answer!Really appreciate it.yea i`m kinda not allowed in the sun for more than 3 hours at a time now so ,,,it` sucks!Can`t complain being as the alternative is worse.Man would love to get a few seeds from you being as you have gone all out.
    7 pot
    super chili
    devils tongue

    I`m growing
    T scorp
    fstili red
    choc hab
    naga dorset morrich
    golden greek pepperocini
    cayanne long thin
    car red hab
    Bhut Jolokia
    thai chili pepper
    2 types jalapinos
    sweet paprika
    anaheim chili
    Kung Pao

    Nothing fancy this year but if anything let me know.Still have last years seeds too though.Have a great night and talk to you soon. Rich
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