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  • Hey Im fine thanks. We have had alot of rain and I actually got some hail damage on my car but not real bad. Thanks for thinking of me though, I hope all is well with you.
    Damn man how are you and the fam doing?I really hope all of you are ok.A lil wet down there .Take care and have a good one . Rich
    Hey how are you? What we see with this weather on TV .Hope all is well with your home and all fam,.Take care and have a good one. Rich
    Hey thanks! Everything is ok with me, I hope it is for you as well. Right now Im waiting on the really slow growing superhots I planted. They need to hurry up Im getting a little anxious to try them.
    Hey how`s it going?We haven`t crossed paths in a while and thought i`d drop in to say hey.Hope all`s well with you and the family and have a great season. Rich
    Damn you can`t have any luck with those morons.I`ll send you some pods when they mature so you have an easy start for next year.Have a good one.
    Try They`ve got a decent selection of seeds and for plants. That`s where junior came from Rich
    OK i`m really new here and trying to learn.I`ll get the scorp out to you but just got to figure out how to mail it.I`ve got the box they came in today and will check to see what i`ve got to do.When some-one else needs something and you can help ,just be there.You
    have a good one and will touch base within a couple days.The plants are about 6 or 7 inches tall now so ought to be good for us both.Good luck on the fatali and death to the lawn mowers! Rich
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