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  • Trinidad Scorpions "Butch T" it is the hottest in the world at the moment but i planted 3 and 3 have grown also some of the ornamental like chinese pot or summer fire as these are smaller look good and very manageable.
    Wow, what a list! I'm only growing Cayenne at the moment but I'm looking at trying again later this year with the over-wintering. Any recommendations as to which seeds I should try? Thanks.
    Sorry the server crash wiped out the list it's now back up Africa Birdseye, Thai Birdseye, Chocolate Habanero, Orange Hebanero, Ring of Fire Cayenne, Cayenne, Cayenne Orange F1, Chinese Pot, Summer of Fire, Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpian, Friggitello, Hungarian Hot Wax, Poinsettia Japanese Hot Claw), Scotch Bonnet's Red & Yellow, Baccio Di Satana(Satans Kiss), Chiltepin, Gusto, Jal...
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