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  • Rich,
    Try me at ... I tend to run out of my allotted characters in this message box before I can explain what I'm doing, why, and how that might involve you. In the meantime look up Amelia's Spicing Pecans on facebook. Talk to you later my friend. Mike
    Hey be glad to help you but no money isn`t needed.What are you growing?I`m a freak being as I do veggies and all.Let me know but I do have seeds for you either way.That`s what this place is for.sase is all I ask and hope you`ll do the same when it`s your turn in the future. Rich
    Hey there sorry for any delay getting back to you.Have been without internet- working- for almost 3 weeks.My chocs are coming round big time now.My main plant has about 100 or so on it.Starting to turn now.If you are still interested let me know .Have a great night Rich
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