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    Red Hawk's been busy!!!

    We've been pretty busy here at Red Hawk Premium Peppers. I'm happy to announce all of our product labels are getting a major facelift!!! Let me know what you think of some of these babies!    
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    Hello from Pennsylvania, USA.

    Hello from the headquarters of Red Hawk Premium Peppers, smackdab in the mountains of central Pennsyl-tucky!
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    30% off all Red Hawk products through Cyber Monday!  
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    LET'S GET SAUCED!!!!!!

    THEY'RE HEEEEEERE!!!!!!!   The new Red Hawk Premium Peppers t-shirts have arrived and are available for only $15 plue s&h! Get yours by emailing me at since the link to the shirts is not on our website yet.  
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    event 2016 Bowers Chile Pepper Festival

    IT IS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN!!!!!! This Friday and Saturday is the 21st Annual Bower's Chile Pepper Festival!   Come on down and see Red Hawk Premium Pepper and lots of other fiery food purveyors. Just a reminder, IF I know you from THP, please remind me of your name / username because I'm...
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    My Badass Burrito!

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    HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!

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    Anyone near Philly?

    Welcome to THP from central Pennsyl-tucky! I grew up in Delaware County (about 20 minutes south of Philly) but still have family in that area. Let me know if you need anything!
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    Still around folks. Sorry for being so quiet on THP as of late but this old bird has been busy...

    Still around folks. Sorry for being so quiet on THP as of late but this old bird has been busy flying all over the place!
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    Fermenting urine for CO2

    Personally, I sip mine with some mint over ice from time to time but I've never heard of using it for CO2 production. 
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    artwork Logo input needed-Pure Evil products

    #1 and #4 for sure!!!