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  • Package arrival. My house smells like Tapatio. AWESOME!
    Thanks Scovie and CJ! Internet high five.
    Awesomeness bro! I hope your house don't smell because the bottles broke. LOL
    texas blues
    texas blues
    I just heated up some pinto beans I made and opened a can of anchovies. My house smell like ass.
    Just because you've become a young man now
    There's still some things that you don't understand now
    Before you ask some girl for her hand now
    Keep your freedom for as long as you can now.
    My mama told me: You better shop around
    Oh yea, you better shop around
    Stuck in my head right now (sharing the love):
    Skinamarinky dinky dink
    Skinamarink a doo,
    I love you
    I love you in the morning
    and in the afternoon,
    I love you in the evening
    and underneath the moon!
    We got lucky and didn't loose power or anything like alot of folks did and we live on the east side which was right in the path of the storm. Oh, used to down alot of Busch too. Love the ads:
    Sum are you guys getting this weather? I think I'm getting home today by backstroke!! Been some really cool lightning though.
    Hey! Thanks for the message. Had a few setbacks that kept me from the internet for a while, but I'm back and I'll compete in this next Throwdown unless a bomb falls on my house.
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