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  • Hello TriniHottie. I was looking at your photobucket uploads and saw the pics of the chile plants growing at UWI. I just wondered if you are studying there or working there and wanted to ask if that field station is a similar operation to the one at the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University? I'm hoping to transfer to NMSU to do a chemical engineering degree, but hoping to minor in horticulture so I can take classes there at CPI. UWI has sort of sparked my interest for a masters degree though, so I thought I'd see if it is the same type of program. Thanks for any information, and happy growing!

    hello how are you?
    the seeds that you have given me have made beautiful plants
    a greeting
    Hi TriniHottie

    I am looking for two types of pepper seeds: The Trinidadian Scorpion and the 7 Pot. Could you help me?
    Hi TriniHottie

    Your letter with the seeds has arrived

    But, I don't have news on the arrival of my letter

    when it arrives, make to know me

    I wish you the best wishes of Merry Christmas and Good New Year

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