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    4th Annual Secret Satan Gift Exchange

    My go at a bump. For the last four (4) years we have held a gift exchange called "Secret Satan." A play on words given our love for "heat" and spices. The deal is that you "offer in" and will send some hot sauces or spices to someone else participating, who is randomly chosen for you...
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    Still Kicking!

    SL,PtMD989, Not a profitable venture to be sure, long-term goal is "world-wide." If all goes well, Warrant Man will hit the Netherlands in a few days! :cheers:
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    4th Annual Secret Satan Gift Exchange

    Hell yes! I still breathe...
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    cooking Leftover Turkey ...what ya doing with it? Recipe???

    I won’t recount my recipe here. but just to add another suggestion if I may. Some people “bake” a turkey for Thanksgiving, some people “fry” a turkey and others such as myself will “smoke” one. Over the years, I’ve experimented with many things regarding the leftover turkey…. Sandwiches are a...
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    cooking Leftover Turkey ...what ya doing with it? Recipe???

    Easy and simple recipe, decades of trial/error and simplicity... Leftover turkey. Take an amount (of your choosing) pull apart or cut. Throw into a skillet or non-stick pan (preferably) , dice an onion to throw in and stir together for a few minutes on "high." Then introduce a BBQ sauce of...
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    3rd Annual Secret Satan!

    Crazy Monkey, Not that anyone asked, but thought I’d share a relative story while I have the platform to do so. Many years ago, while serving on the board of our local Fraternal Order of Police lodge, I came together with my peers to create an annual “Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation”...
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    So excited!

    Welcome from Charleston! :cheers:
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    music Hair Metal

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    travel The Great 2021 StettoMoveBlog

    I'm impressed with the flex bead run on the arch. Not easy, even by a pro. Soon you will be painting all the rooms in a new abode to appease the missus. It's common law in all states. :cheers:
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    cuisines Your Top 5 Cuisines!

    Gullah- Geechee. Maybe a sub-category perhaps, but I count it as one and the same with what I know as "Southern" and "Soul food." Where I live and what I eat. I buy most of my tomatoes from the Fields family here on John's Island (none better). Great folks, known many of them for years. Just...
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    cuisines Your Top 5 Cuisines!

    “Southern” American. Fried meats, fish, poultry, plenty of pork fat and butter with the vegetables. You could also say “Soul food” interchangeably (according to my friends of color who eat my dishes..) Two categories in one I claim! BBQ Cajun/Creole Chinese
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    pics What hot sauce are you using right now?

    I am a hot sauce producer, collector, and connoisseur for most of my adult life. I have tried more sauces than I could say grace over. The only staple I keep (other than my own) is this sauce from Florida. I don't know these guys and they don't know me from Adam's housecat. But, in my humble...
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    Hello, I'm looking to get into the super hots! heard this is the right place...!

    You heard correctly. This is ground zero - bar none. Welcome aboard from Charleston! :cheers: