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    pod What kind of pepper is this?

    WOW i didn't know that existed a sweet moruga :shocked: nice
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    issue Variation or reaction?

    Hi you have a lot of factors like the temperature is drooping it's hard for the plants to get the fruits at the final color, and if it's with more water and the plant already getting a little weaker because of the net for nutrients you can have some wait till red OR simple the plant is not...
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    New to the forum

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    Starting a sauce company

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    Pepper crossing

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    Finally registered

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    pod I have grown unknown peppers

    hi, Flower? Capsicum baccatum?🤔 Bishop's crown? or Aji something ?
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    Yorkshire based chilli newbie

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    Hey all!

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    Hi, Hola, Hej and Hallo.

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