event 1st Annual Salsa Con.

 Hi Ya'll,
  Dante's in Frostburg, MD is having our first salsa con.
 We have hosted many food event's over the year's. This winter being our 5th or 6th chili cook off (we drink a lot).
Salsa Con is Oct. 2 at around 1pm.
There is a bookface page for the bar with all the detail's.
Entering is free. Please make about a gallon or so for all to taste. Unless it is so stinking hot, you only need a smige on a chip to peel paint. Still bring enough for all to suffer.
There is a $5 fee to taste. All monies collected will go to the prize's.
We will provide the chip's for tasting. This make's it all about the salsa.
I will have some fresh pepper's from my patch for tasting as well. What ever is ripe is what I will have.
If you want to bring some seed's for trading. By all mean's please do.
Cash prize's for the winner's in all three categories.
The three categories are,
pico de gallo
The salsa's will be divided into heat level's. These are as follow's.
Weak, For our non heat loving friend's. Who still want some flavor. Poblano topping this one for heat     
"If it wasn't for pepper's. My diet would lack in veggie's, and taste."
Reasonable, The burn start's here. Anything above an Ancho is home here. Hot Wax and Hidalgo, as well as jalapeno reside here. Chiltepin, and thai will top this one for heat.
"I'm tingling in place's I don't usually tingle."
Dangerous, Please put your glove's on. When entering your salsa, if you: Are crying for no reason, Doing the pee dance, Have red patche's on exposed skin, Or look like you bought the hottest pepper you could find. Just to say your salsa was hot. We will pick on you. As well as guide you to the closest relief. Be it soap and hot water, lime juice, or Folk's who can give advice on working with hot pepper's. Hab's and bonnet's start this one. Goat's, red sav, fatali, douglah, bubblegum's. Dorset naga is on the upper side of this one.
"Hot stuff make's you smarter."
Stoopid, There come's a time when you are scared. You either embrace it for what it is, or run away. For the latter, there are three very fine. Tasty heat level's of enjoyment. Also an awesome time to laugh at the dumbass's who eat this stuff. In my opinion we ingest this lava for a reason: Trying to prove, or test your mettle. Or, no other stimulant give's you that pepper buzz. Mmmmmm......pepper buzzzzz. The bhut is a baseline, and warning. This category is aptly named. Moruga scorpion, primo, jigsaw, madballz, fuzzy pink sun ember's. Something you have growing that doesn't have a name. Any pepper around a million SHU and above are welcome. Please no extract's. If there is an interest for them. They will have their own category next year.
"Why does even the air burn?"
Remember to bring your own yogurt.......