1st year chilli grower

Hi, i am from the UK.
This is my 1st year growing. My sister bought me one of those grow chillies in a can novelties and i ended up with 25 chilies in my house lol
I did kill a few re-potting unfortunately :( and gave some to a friend that owns a green house :) so i am down to 14
I believe i have 3 kinds of plants.
One i am very unsure about. It seems very well nurtured but has no flame or taste to it at all actually. The 2nd i believe are maybe piripiri or cayenne possibly. They are nice and hot anyway :) The 3rd i am unsure of but they are extremely tall and are very late bloomers compared to the rest and have only just started to flower while the rest have been giving me a bunch of chillies already. They were all planted indoor in December.
I put them outside on hot days to get some good rays of sun and have an army of ladybirds in the area we keep the plants indoors that i feed rasins/sultanas in case they are hungry waiting for pests to control lol


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