2 SFRB's of very ripe Primos GONE

I keep my harvests on the carport until use, sale, or processing this time of year and the seasonally cool weather is great. Every day or two I go through the buckets and remove soft pods as they get overly ripe. Those hit the compost bin. I have my needed quantity of these in the freezers already so they have been there since the last harvest. After going through them today I separated off the best which are not soft yet and have filled two SFRB's. They are very ripe and will be good for processing upon arrival. Good for freezing for later sauce, making into sauce right away, or smoking/dehydrating. there may be a few that will get soft in transit which is why I have them priced low. Today I just ripped out my Primos and did my last harvest so I will be posting a MFRB auction here shortly for fresh picked early ripe peppers if your prefer the orange going into full red flavor.
First 2 takers get these unless someone wants both first.
Lower 48 states. Paypal only.