20% off our New in 2017 products

As a thank you to The Hot Pepper community, I wanted to offer a discount for all of you this weekend.  It's for 20% off our New in 2017 products collection.  This includes some great new peppers for us like the Sepia Serpent and Guam Boonie, as well as some longtime favorites like Volcano in a Box that have been updated.  Sale ends 1/8/2016.  Here are the products:  https://pepperjoe.com/collections/new
To get the discount, type THPTY as the discount code when you check out (that's "The Hot Pepper Thank You" if you need a way to remember).  Yes, this code works for our international customers too.  
Again, thank you very much for your support.  We really appreciate it.
Take care,
Pepper Jo