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seed-train 2018 SEED TRAIN #2

Walchit said:
Is it really sweet like the bags of peppers you can buy at the store? At the risk of being shunned by everyone here, I love those little sweet bastards!
It should be a lot like those. The pod walls are a little thin but the flavor is really good. I raised them without much watering or fertilizer in the shade. The idea is that it will be able to grow in the red clay soil here without much help and in the shade without staking or pruning. Most bell peppers cannot do that.
I attached a picture of what it looked like this year.


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emacs said:
I'm new to the forum but I gave Gorizza some of the first pepper variety I have ever bred, Pride of Gratis, to put in this seed train and you are the first ones to ever get access to the seed!
Sadly, it is a lunchbox red bell pepper, but I have seen the error of my ways and am working on hotter peppers now.
If you took some of the seed I would love to hear how it turns out wherever you grow it (it has only ever been grown in my yard in Georgia).
I also am bulking seed and can send more if you send me a message with your address (it should be true-breeding anyway so keep the seeds too).
If you reply to this thread that you will plant this year, I will nag you around August for pictures so you don't forget  :)
Either way, I am excited to share something I have been working on for a couple of years with you guys and am excited to see how it turns out!
I wouldn’t mind growing some for the wife of course [emoji51]

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