seed-train 2018 SEED TRAIN

Capcom, hehhehe.   Sorry, that was something like 3AM Saturday morning.  Wife dropped it off at post office on her way to work Saturday.  She got back home with the receipt on Sunday and I posted it.  Sorry to confuse. 

Walchit: Ye, little known fact.  Post office doesnt take in or deliver on Sundays, but they do keep moving.  They have been AMAZING for us this year.  So far the only things that have gotten completely screwed up were packages going to hurricane areas.  Yes, believe it or not people order peppers during a hurricane.
AJ Drew said:
Capcom: BTW: What were all the seeds with numbers on them.  I didnt see a list.

Those were from Pepperlover. I got a med flat rate box back when I got into peppers and none were ID'ed. So I never knew what they were. But I saved the seed none the less and marked them accordingly.
Train just pulled in, I'm still bagging up my seed to add to it, there is an overwhelming amount of seeds in this box! And thank you very much for the pods aj! You are too kind!

I will do my best not to take the whole 3 days getting it sent out, hopefully I can get it out tomorrow
Walchit said:
 And thank you very much for the pods aj! You are too kind!
Naw, you said you were looking for Biker Billy and i didnt have any dry enough yet.  By sending fresh pods, I just made you do all the work.
Voodoo 6 said:
I think CapCom was the drill instructor on full metal jacket hehe :) Cheers! You get that got damn tracking number out you maggot!!!

I think it takes a great deal of effort keeping the train on the tracks, so I am going with conductor not drill instructor.  That and I am fairly sure he knows I am in recovery from something like a stroke.  I need reminders and things.
Seeds are all labeled up and ready to go! If I add in this powder, anyone interested? If not I don't wanna take up the space.