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2022 SB Container Glog

This year I will be doing all container plants after letting my garden fall under to the Bermuda grass. Maybe I will get in there and go all scorched earth but for now I will do what I can on my patio. Seed sowed Feb 11, as of yesterday all except one had germinated. Those were some 5 year old banana peppers I was trying to get rid of, not sure if they will germ., but no harm if not. I have plenty other spares to take it’s place.

The plan is to harden off in the next couple of weeks and have everything outside by mid March. Wish me luck!


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Been transplanted outside for 6 weeks. Had some treacherous winds that tore up my leaves a good bit, but no serious damage. I have been spraying with Calcium / Epsom Salt weekly. Got a few pods developing, and a ton of flowers. With any good luck first harvest should be in a few weeks!


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I missed this glog first time around! I think grow bags are the best choice. I switched to raised beds and the plants weren't nearly as large or productive. The only downside is the water usage is higher, especially during summer. I would highly recommend getting a cheap hose timer and drip system so that you don't have to manually deal with them.

Everything looking great so far!
First update in a while…got my first harvest, some small jalapeños, they are in 3 gallon containers so not sure if they will get much bigger. Heat range been inconsistent, some super hot, some mild. Got the Thai, Serrano, cayenne coming in just need to ripen up. Got my first Ghost, Red Savina, and Scotch bonnet pods growing. Will keep posted! Thanks


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