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2023 - It's never too early to get started!

Sooo... 2022 season is over and most of my 2023 plants are already there - no reason not to start a new thread already! πŸ˜ƒ

While all my current plants are technically overwinterers, only a couple have grown through the 2022 season and are considered interesting enough to keep for next seasons grow.

Let's start with the famous Schneider farms SB plant, which will be going into it's third season in 2023. It currently doesn't look all that nice but that was also the case during the winter of 2021 so no worries here...

20221203 132021 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000376.JPG

Top view:

20221203 132038 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO250 P1000377.JPG

Next in row is my Scotch Brains plant...

20221203 132124 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000378.JPG

Top view:

20221203 132137 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000379.JPG

And then there's the Humble Servants Homestead (HSH) SB, which was also elected to stay for next season...

20221203 132244 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000380.JPG

Top view:

20221203 132259 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000381.JPG
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Wow Marc that looks gorgeous, shame it doesn't smell like orange blossom


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Had to look that up, hadn't heard of it before... apparently/unfortunately not a hardy plant...
It appears to be a member of the rutaceae family, to which citrus also belongs...


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Another photo update...

The 7pot brain strain yellow is about the largest plant I have currently. I'm doing my best to keep the size of the plant down (as I'm doing with all my plants) and it seems to work out fine...
20230430 101251 X-T2 24.30mm f8 ISO1250 DSCF3045.jpg

SB7J - not really a vigorous grower. Now finally showing some signs of flower development...
20230430 101500 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO1000 DSCF3046.jpg

Large KSLS - a really beautiful plant. Actually most of my Khang Starr plants are really strong and beautiful. I think I saw a little fruitlet on this plant already. I hope the peppers taste as good as they say...
20230430 101729 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO1250 DSCF3047.jpg

The Schneider farms SB... not very vigorous grower and doesn't look as nice as some of the other plants. Already growing 4 pods with a 5th just starting...
20230430 101936 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO1000 DSCF3048.jpg

Piment D'Espelette (left) and Tap De CortΓ­ (right). Not much to say about these. The espelette branches out symmetrically after topping while the Tap is growing an asymmetrical split...
20230430 102249 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO1250 DSCF3049.jpg

The skinny San Juan Tsile Pueblo (left) is now starting to grow some peppers. Plant on the right is the Γ‘ora which grows asymmetrical after topping...
20230430 102653 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO1000 DSCF3050.jpg

Carbonero and Kraken scorpion from the last germination round.
...and some Papa Dreadie G3-21 seeds that are just now germinating...
20230430 103123 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO1250 DSCF3051.jpg

The KSSR (scarlet rose), one of the Khang varieties. Really nice and strong plant...
20230430 104310 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO800 DSCF3052.jpg

7pot burgundy (bou-rgundy 😁 ) just starting to branch out after topping...
20230430 104412 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO800 DSCF3053.jpg

Scotch Brains 7pot pheno growing some really large leaves...
20230430 104506 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO800 DSCF3054.jpg

The "regular" scotch brains...
20230430 104555 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO800 DSCF3055.jpg

The KSPS (peach starkist), the 3rd one of the Khang trinity. Strong grower also but not yet as large as the others (started later because it failed in the previous round)...
20230430 104644 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO800 DSCF3056.jpg

The HSH scotch bonnet. Growing some really big leaves also...
20230430 104737 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO800 DSCF3057.jpg

The second KSLS (lemon starburst) is the runt of the pack. I already had the big KSLS but that came from another seed source while this one came together with the KSSR and KSPS from the same source.
20230430 104833 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO800 DSCF3058.jpg


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7pot burgundy (bou-rgundy 😁 ) just starting to branch out after topping...
20230430 104412 X-T2 23.30mm f8 ISO800 DSCF3053.jpg
They all look great Marc! +1 for the Bou-rgundy nickname πŸ˜†


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I had to let go the small plants as was to be expected πŸ™„ The only space I have for my plants is what's shown here and when they grow larger this space will become really crowded so no room for even more plants. I only kept the kraken orange and the carbonero for now (the small ones in the front) but they seriously suffered from sunburn and aren't doing very well so I may let them go also.

The San Juan Tsile Pueblo is still around also, just not visible in this shot. It's still tiny and skinny as before and produces lots of flowers but no new fruits yet other that the one it was already growing.

I still have a bunch of Papa Dreadie and a couple of Beth Boyd Scotch Bonnet seedlings growing (as if I do have room for them when they grow up) but they are still small and kept inside.

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