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greenhouse 2024 superhot trial- Heirlooms , Landraces, Hybrids....thoughts & questions ?

Hi Guy's

In 2024 I'm searching for a "Keeper" superhot a variety that I love the flavour, aesthetics production but most Important will grow well in the micro climate that is my small Scottish greenhouse....... ðŸĪ” That is the biggest issue in reality !

Everything I've selected for this trial/search should be superhot or almost 😎

Last year the 7 pot Douglah blew me away with its vigorous, big pod's that were insane hot :party: loved the bumpy gnarly aesthetics but sadly not the taste........

As with all impatient chilli growers I'm trying to predict what will do best which and of course I shall be completely wrong :whistle:

However I was looking at my list of contenders and started to realise I'd say its a mix of heirloom, Landrace and a fair few hybrids.............this in turn lead me to wonder which "should" be better suited example

Hybrids - do they have a better potential to adapt due to all the genetic variations in them ?

Heirlooms - more dependable due to years of selection ? But obviously not in my greenhouse ?

Landrace - particularly uk selected varieties but even within the UK the climate can be hugely different ?

7 pot primo
Hurt berry
Death spiral
7 pot Barrackpore
7 pot brainstrain yellow
Super bhut jolokia
Trinidad moruga scorpion
Devil's nagabrains red
Bengle naga
Dorset naga
Fatallii gourmet jigsaw
Primotalii Red

The madness continues .......I have all these germinated an growing nicely I keep "mentally culling" this one of that one trying to figure out which should be prioritised ðŸĪ”ðŸĪŠ:banghead:

Any thoughts...............
Personally, I have never grown nor tasted either of the Naga, nor the the Primotalli.

Also, this will be my first year growing Hurtberry.

Of the remaining, my first choice would be the Primo, followed by the Jigsaw.
Good luck with your Hurt berry :thumbsup: I have high hope's but been wrong so many times :whistle:

I've grown Dorset Naga and Bengle Naga both from seaspring seeds direct whe I first tried growing super hots and didn't know what I was doing.........i found the Bengle naga (bhut jolokia variation/selection) to be gnarlier, earlier and incredibly sweetly fruity scented not sure if it "fruity" or "perfumey" ? But I really like it and immediately
understood What they ment when the said "bubblegum"on there website.

The Dorset was fruity, hotter later but probably more prolific and much less gnarly which is a shame.......I di loe the heat and like the flavour but personally I like the taste of the Bengle naga more and the heats not too shabby 😉

Last year I grew Fatallii gourmet jigsaw......however it got aphids bad the growing tip suffered it branched then I kratkyfied it :banghead:which stalled production I got a few nice pod's good heat nice flavour naga plus ? By this I mean it tasted naga like but also something else ? I'm assuming moruga scorpion? But not tasted one yet. I did like it and decided to give it another go this season as it didn't get a fair go last.

Funny it's difficult to judge "fruity" " perfumey " "Naga flavour " etc if you have nothing to compare with .......

However I'm pretty confident this c9ming season I will nail down my keeper superhots ðŸĪž