bottles-jars 24-414 plastic caps for woozy bottles

I bought some 5oz woozy bottles with caps on Amazon. The caps they sent are horrible and don't fit the bottles. I think the standard woozy cap size is called 24-414. The threads are poor and they will strip when you try and tighten on the bottle. Anyhow, everywhere I look for caps they are 5-8 cents a piece but lowest shipping is $25. Is this par for the course? I should have used specialty bottle to order bottles and caps. Lesson learned.

call specialty bottle. they will sell caps only. and if you sweet talk them, they may cut you a deal on shipping

A while ago, I ordered shrink bands from a company that used UPS. Bands are a bit heavy, it was something like$40 shipping. The order would of fit in a LFRB, which at the time was about $16. I called and bitched and made sure the next order was shipped USPS.
The amazon order was the second order from that company. The first box was ok, or at least I didn't notice the cap issue. So, for the second order/box I threw out all of the packing material before I tried the caps.

I ordered 48 bottles from specialty and asked for 32 additional caps (referenced my bottle order from 2015 with them)
You don't need the packaging to return. Click the reason of them being defective and put in a box.
I guess repacking with bubble wrap would be annoying and at your expense so just jump in amazon chat and explain, they might refund without returning.
I can't dump the hot sauce out of the bottles I filled with caps that did work, and then return.... Well, I guess I could:P

Submitted a return... They want them back, so I have until Feb 2 to decide if I want to pack them up. Scrounge up some other bottles to make up for a few that I used out of the 21 that originally came.
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amazon seems to favor the buyer. use it to your advantage,

as a seller, and I had an issue, I got NO support. as a buyer, it seems amazon is on your side. send back the bottles and lids. always check where the product is coming from. it is easy to miss it is shipping from waaaaaay over seas....and delivery date is 3 months out...