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3/4" hose connector help


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I have a bunch of hydro buckets that I set up last year using 3/4" irrigation hose and fittings from drip depot. I've now realized that everything is effectively hard piped together so I can't move them around without cutting the hoses. Can anyone point me towards some quick connect/disconnect hose fittings that I can install to allow they system to be broken up to move around or store? I was originally thinking of garden hose quick connect fittings but the ones I have seen all fit to the threaded ends of hoses - I'm looking for something similar but that can be fit to the bare hose pipe without threaded ends.

Any help or suggestions gratefully received!
3/4 inch barbed fittings, that gives you a threaded end to put the quick connect on.

So hose-barb to male threaded end- quick connect-quick connect- female threaded end-barb-hose

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