3 thumbs up from Australia

Hello all, been lurking past few days and I had to join, great forum here. I always add chilli to my food, but sadly never been into growing it. Recently, I was given home made birds eye powder and some dried ghost chilli, yep, the growing bug has kicked in. A couple of months ago, I planted about 10 different chilli's but most died. Learnt from my mistakes,now even though Melbourne's summer weather is winter like, I have a stable crop of the following, 1 Cap mushroom red, 2 Thai bird's eye, 1 Chilli Apache, 2 Devil's tongue chocolate, 1 Scotch Bonnet, 2 Carolina Reaper, 2 Red Moruga, 2 Butch T, 2 White Habanero, 2 Rocoto Manzan0, 2 Scorpion unknown type, 1 African Birds's Eye, 2 Jalapeno Fire Eater, 1 Fire Cracker, 4 Romanian type chilli, 1 Black Pot chilli and 4 Romanian chilli. Yep, it's tough having so many kids. Chilli on people!!!
Welcome from.......err......Melbourne, Australia.  :rofl:
Where in Melbourne are you from exactly? Nice to have another local around, especially one so close to me.  :dance:
There's some great info around the site, and more great people than you'll be able to count. 
I hope you enjoy your stay, and if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.