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300gal Water Trough - Soil? Zone 8

Hi guys! Hypothetical here...

Say you have the opportunity to acquire a 300gal, 6ft round x 4ft tall bucket used for watering cows. Think general purpose soil for multiple plants on a small scale per foot.. Lets say 10+ different plants of root or stalk types. Also, its zone 8 outside. So you have pulled your pickup truck into an soil seller and they are about to dump 600lbs into the bed of your truck with a back hoe so you can shovel it into your new grow bucket.

How would you choose the soil, and what would you add to it. Thinking carrots, mint, basil, pumpkins, bell peppers, stalk onions, multiple other options.. All grown in one or twos over a year in zone 8 in this 300gal bucket...

Side note, if anyone says foxfarm soil they need to be slapped with the bank bundled notes it would cost to fill 300gal.,. :)
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That watering trough sounds awesome! I go to a place called the Dirt Exchange in Ballard, WA. They sell self-service u-load soils, compost, etc., with a 1/2 CY minimum order. I'd use their Vegetable Garden Mix at $58.50 per CY, with 300 gallons being a bit under 1.5 CY, so maybe $75-$80 for enough to fill it within a reasonable distance of the brim. If you have a u-load closer to you, have a look at the ingredients in their vegetable garden / raised bed mix and just be sure it has reasonable drainage (added sand is probably most common) and a good compost content. Given that you want it especially drainy for what is essentially a huge container, I might get a little less of the mix and buy a 3 CF bag of peat moss at the big box store and mix that in so it's even less heavy and prone to compacting. I wouldn't add anything to it, except for pumpkin/squash, in which case I'd dump some compost directly underneath the plant into its hole at transplant.

That's my 2 cents. But if you win the lottery, I say go big with the Fox Farm!
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I agree dirt has gotten stupid priced, 15 bucks for a small bag of soil f that! I like the way you think 101! Washington state already has good soil so you shouldn't have to do jack squat with the soil they have.

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They grow cow corn in a pasture across the street. Tilled, fertilized soil every year around this time.
I wonder how many trips with a wheel barrel :twisted:
Couple of random thoughts.

The cornfield across the street has probably been sprayed with weed suppressant, prior to the corn planting. I think I'd pass on that soil.

Four feet tall? I'd seriously think about using an angle grinder with a cutting blade and cut that sucker in half. Then you'd have TWO six-foot rounds. Unless you need the four-foot height for some reason, 24" is plenty deep enough for anything you might grow.

End of thoughts. Carry on. :lol:
Lol, I exaggerated the height. Its about 2.5 feet tall. I did get permission from the owner to take it though. Reason Im interested is I can keep control of the soil. Also, I rent my house so it would be semi portable if I move. Biggest down side is the limited growth season in the area.