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hot-sauce 314 Hot Sauce

Ive over looked this one many times at the market. I never really bothered to look at the ingredients. I had always just assumed it was your typical cayenne or Tabasco type pepper sauce. Well i was wrong. Turns out they use one of my favorites
Ingredients:  Red ripe Jalapeno Peppers, distilled vinegar, salt and spices.
Sodium btw is around 100mg so its not terribly high.
Well for a hot sauce that cost around $3.50 per bottle its not bad all. I rather like it actually. If i could make one change it would be the addition of some lime juice. Heat is rather low but if you like to go heavy on your hot sauce its very nice. The ripe jalapeno flavor is there and upfront. I love that they used no preservatives, food coloring or thickeners. The sauce pours nicely but its not water either.
Its no Taco Fuego but it sure is well worth $3.50